Watch This Teabagging Imbecile On a Horse Show Us Why Bath Salts Are Bad! (Video)

Hey, guys…it’s Leonidas! Leonidas has arrived on a very uncooperative horse to tell us to get rid of Obama. This Teabilly, posing as the hero of SPARTAAAAA, explains that he has come from the past to save America…from Obummer.

Leonidas, who married his niece, Gorgo (perhaps this IS an accurate comparison, here), spends most of this moronic video gallivanting around on his incredibly angry horse spouting off Teabagging bumper sticker phrases like “Impeach Obama” and “God Bless the Truckers in DC.

Leonidas says that “We should all unite together, as a one, as a Spartan!” He continues to ramble about 300 men making a difference, and something about “a millions of Americans.

We’re treated to a rousing series of cutscenes of Leonidas trotting around on his unfortunate horse, still screaming his insane phrases — but it gets better!

Before he rides off into the sunset, Leo imparts some words of wisdom on us concerning theRevolutionary War (what the f@#$?):

We as Spartans have to stand together. We as Americans have to stand together and bow to no dictator or King. That’s what the Revolutionary War was for. Now…let me put my stifling helmet back on…and let’s ride a little more.”

Seriously…he is dressed as a Spartan, talking about Kings, the Revolutionary War, and impeaching Obama. Could he be more all over the place?

Watch this insanely stupid thing for yourself. There are absolutely no words. You might need a drink. No matter what though, you’re going to pity that horse.