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Thread: Looking for a Table Builder to buy parts from.

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    Looking for a Table Builder to buy parts from.

    I'm looking to find a USA made, Billiard Table builder of 10', 11' or 12' tables that I can buy partially assembled parts from. The closer to me the better.
    I'm in Roanoke, VA; that's 4 hours west of D.C. , 4 hours east of Knoxville, TN , 3 hours north of Greensboro, NC , and just below the bottom of WV.

    I appreciate any leads that might be out there for me. -Collin

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    Olhausen Billiards was the only company that offered both a quality table that was built in North America and a design that would suit your home. You can select among a wide variety of products; they only use a selection of the best materials in the manufacture of their tables.

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