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Thread: Help disabled veteran has cues stolen

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    Help disabled veteran has cues stolen

    I am a disabled veteran from the Iraq war and I found my greatest solace after returning home and having trouble walking and standing to be shooting pool. Shooting pool was the greatest thing that helped me to advance in my recovery. I used a 4K-4 cue,a z-2 shaft , a 314 fat shaft,a z shaft and a BK-2 with the sport grip in a black Vincitore black leather cue case.The cues were my saving grace as it and I were as one and I would spend time on end standing and walking around the table shooting pool which actually helped me to regain strength and courage to continue instead of giving up.
    The situation took a turn for the worse when my case containing my cues was stolen while I was in the bathroom. I am unable to replace them due to my now very limited income. Or to offer any kind of significant reward. Please keep your eyes open for them.

    Please post this to any and all forums as I need this information passed around
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    Feeling very bad to hear about your cue. Any news about your stolen cue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enjoydgame View Post
    Feeling very bad to hear about your cue. Any news about your stolen cue?
    I checked today with the cops and the pool hall. Both basically told me to forget ever seeing them again as cues are not that easy to track down and most look alike unless 100% custom. Well guess I got to give up on finding them.

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