Today's patriot faces two counts of murder for killing a pair of men from a distance with a rifle after he wrongly assumed they were on his land. The victims, it turns out, were his new neighbors, checking out their property for the first time.

West Virginia gun enthusiast shoots and kills two men over property that didn’t belong to him

January 27, 2014
By Anomaly

Families of two brothers in West Virginia are grieving after the pair was shot on Saturday, while simply checking out a piece of property they had just bought. The two men Garrick Hopkins, 60, and Carl Hopkins, 61, were gunned down by a person they didn’t even know.

Sheriff’s deputies said Rodney Black shot and killed the two brothers.

Initially Black claimed the two were breaking into his shed near his house, but police said the shed belonged to one of the victims, who recently bought the shed and neighboring lot.

Police said Black gave no warning, and just pulled the trigger.

Regina Lafferty who lives across the street said, ”It wasn’t even his building. If you have a concern, you call 911 first. You don’t shoot, then call.”

WCHS reports, “Even before the weekend’s violence, Lafferty said she was afraid of her neighbor and told her kids not to go near Black’s house.”

She said, “He was rude. Just cold! A very cold person.”

Black is charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Authorities seized what was described as a large number of weapons and ammunition from Black’s property.