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Thread: Dick leonard , Frank paradise cue. Troy ny Cue thyme

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    Dick leonard , Frank paradise cue. Troy ny Cue thyme

    Hey guys Had a few questions.

    Im from Troy ny and starting to play pool. I inherited a Frank paradise cue made for Dick leonard and was given to a Pool player named Joe Winston and then to me.

    Has anyone ever heard of Joe Winston as a player? Or a pool hall name cue thyme? I tried to contact Dick leonard about it but he is older now and hard to find. I seen dick himself posting on these forums through google but that was years ago. They talked about the infamous 9 balls on the break.

    Ill post pictures of the frank paradise cue asap.

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    photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpgphoto 3.jpgphoto 4.jpg

    Here are pics of the paradise. Tried to take the best pictures I could. Thanks Guys

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    Frank Paradise was the maker of custom pool cues from 1948 to 1968 in Brooklyn, NY.

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    i know both Joe winston and i know of cuetyme in south troy. it was run by dick "butch" leonard and owned by the feiden family.....joe was a decent player back then. do not know if he plays anymore at all...dick leonard was a top notch straight pool player who still lives in troy............hope it helps.......mike

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    Thanks mike that's great info.

    I'd also like to bump this thread.

    Thanks guys love the forum!!!

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