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Thread: Watch These Teabillies Proudly Display Their Ignorance (Video)

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    Talking Watch These Teabillies Proudly Display Their Ignorance (Video)

    Watch These Teabillies Proudly Display Their Ignorance (Video)

    John Prager
    February 17, 2014
    Americans Against The Tea Party

    Wow! Just look at all the crazy! We ran across this clip from a New Left Media documentary on YouTube, and we just had to make sure you see it!

    The interviewer talks to a number of right wingers, and the ignorance just oozes from them! They really don’t like Obamacare, as we have figured out by now–and they certainly know why! Socialism! While they don’t quite know what the word means, thanks to Glen Beck and FOX News they know enough to know they hate it! In fact, after watching this we’re sure that they don’t know much else!

    While we could tell you the plethora of horrors you will see while viewing this, we’d rather just let you see for yourself exactly how moronic America’s right wing proves to be. Their unwavering opposition to all things rational would be impressive, if it was not also destroying our nation.

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