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Thread: GA GOPer Defending Sex Offenders’ ‘Right’ to Be in Schools and Parks With Your Kids

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    Exclamation GA GOPer Defending Sex Offenders’ ‘Right’ to Be in Schools and Parks With Your Kids

    Georgia GOPer Defending Sex Offenders’ ‘Right’ to Be in Schools and Parks With Your Kids

    By John Prager
    February 21, 2014
    Americans Against The Tea Party

    Pedo Bear approves of this guy and his bill.

    Currently, Georgia’s 7.4% unemployment rate places it shamefully at 39th in the nation. One Republican, however, has decided to do something to change that. Newly-elected Sam Moore is pushing for sweeping regulations that would…allow registered sex offenders to go where they wished including schools and playgrounds?!?

    Goddammit… In yet another showing of family values-ness, the freshman Georgia Representative wants to make his mark by introducing HB 1033, also known as the ‘Stop Oppressing Uncle Bad Touch” bill (before you Google, he doesn’t actually call it that). Moore argues that this monumentally stupid legislation is necessary because once a sex offender has done his or her time, they should not be watched. At all. Because ‘intrusive government.’

    Moore’s signature legislation would get rid of the crime of “loitering” altogether and would enable convicted sex offenders to once again proceed unhindered to the nearest playground, church camping trip, or petting zoo. Moore says that the risk that a person will re-offend is far outweighed by the increase in FREEDOM.

    Moore’s bill would also prevent law enforcement from forcing anyone to identify themselves for any reason. Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison called the bill “simply insane.” Garrison said on Friday that “Sexual predators are one of this country’s most violent (type of) offenders. If there’s any equal it would be an out-and-out serial killer.” He is horrified by allowing predators to “once again lurk around our parks, around our schools, around our swimming pools.”

    Former GOP chair Bob Rugg is furious with Moore’s bill. “I can’t imagine a bill like this even coming out of committee,”Rugg said on Friday. “It just doesn’t make any sense to me to eliminate that shield of protection (for children). From the way I read his own comments about it, he (thinks he’s) protecting the Fifth Amendment right to silence. That’s silly.”

    Fellow Republican Rep. John Pezold told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he is “shocked and appalled anyone would suggest that pedophiles should be allowed to loiter near day care centers, schools — the places where our children learn and play.” Pezold added, “If Mr. Moore’s mission was to come down to the state Capitol and alienate his colleagues by staking out positions that no one in their right mind could agree with, he can now hang a ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner behind him because he has done just that.”

    Moore, the sole supporter of the bill, says this is not about protecting sex offenders. This is about the right to remain silent…whatever that means.

    No information on whether or not he has received donations from NAMBLA is available.
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