LMAO! Looks like he's not interested in the GOP winning any future elections! Yes please, forget about African-Americans, Latinos,and women... so we progressives can squash you like the insects that you are.

Right-wing columnist urges GOP to abandon outreach: ‘Colorblind conservatism’ is futile

Travis Gettys
Monday, March 3, 2014

Disgraced conservative columnist John Derbyshire is urging the Republican Party to abandon its meager efforts to court voters who aren’t racist white men.

Derbyshire, who lost his job with the National Review after publishing a “nasty and indefensible” 2012 column about his racial prejudices, told Communities Digital Newson Friday that the GOP would never attract enough black and women voters to be worth the effort.

“The future of the conservative movement is as a home for white ethnocentrism,” said Derbyshire, who now writes for the white nationalist site VDARE.

He said “conservatives are the only people in the U.S.A. trying to ‘transcend contentious racial issues,’” but agreed with his “friend” — white nationalist Jared Taylor – that white people should stop trying to get along with black people.

“Whites may as well start asserting themselves and join in fighting for the spoils,” Derbyshire said. “If that’s right, ‘colorblind conservatism’ is a dead end, and the future of the conservative movement is as a home for white ethnocentrism.”

He also suggested that Republicans should also give up on trying to appeal to women and become more bellicose.

“Women are just like that,” Derbyshire said. “One thing we might try would be putting some alpha males up front, instead of mealy-mouthed cringing betas.”