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Thread: 15 scandal accusations responded to.

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    Cool 15 scandal accusations responded to.

    Courtesy of Bill O'Reilly's Anal Vibrator on Facebook:

    From the far right "The Seditionist" page on Facebook:


    Here are the facts behind your so-called scandals:

    1) Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a preacher in a Chicago church where the congregation consists primarily of poor Blacks – a disenfranchised group in America. He once expressed his displeasure with how America treats this group in a strong manner. Since President Obama had attended this church for 20 years, it got some teabag enthusiasts’ panties in a wad, and they claimed our President is a Black supremacist or a Black separatist. However, President Obama has neither said anything nor signed any bills as President that would indicate such.

    2) Before Barack Obama was President he once served on a board with another guy who was involved in terrorism decades earlier. This guy had turned his life around and become a college professor by the time he and Barack Obama met

    3) Solyndra is just one of 38 green energy companies that the Obama administration invested in. The majority of these companies are still in operation and producing a return on the government’s investment. In fact, the Obama administration’s investment in green energy companies has a higher success rate than a typical private sector investment

    4) Fast and Furious was part of a “gun walking” program that was run by the ATF. The ATF agents who werepart of it were far below the President on the chain of command and, therefore, the President couldn’t have anything to do with this directly or even close to directly

    5) A reporter in the Associated Press was accused of leaking classified information, which is a federal crime. When you are a suspect in a federal crime, you get a search warrant issued against you. This has nothing to do with suppressing freedom of the press, as you teahadists like to imply. I suggest you look at how your wet dream Vladimir Putin does things to see what ACTUAL suppression of free press looks like.

    6) See #5

    7) Congressional Republicans passed a bill that cut embassy security as part of budget cuts. President Obama signed it because people who don’t consider teabags fashion accessories understand that compromise is part of politics. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other killed that day traveled from the main Lybian embassy in Tripoli to an outpost in Benghazi where they were attacked by terrorists and had no security to protect them.

    8) At the time, IRS closely scrutinized all applications for a tax-exempt status from organizations that had political-sounding names. This included both TEA party-tied and “Occupy”-tied organizations. The reason for this scrutiny was because political organizations are not allowed to get tax-exempt status as community service organizations, which is what many TEA party groups did.

    9) In the Pigford v. Glickman case Black farmers filed a class action lawsuit against the USDA for racial discrimination. There is an email forward floating around in the teabagging community that implies that a) the payout in this case suddenly ballooned when President Obama took office and b) there are more defendants who received a payout from this case than there are Black farmers in the U.S. The former claim is, at best, a distortion of facts. While the case was settled under President Obama, it was a long and complex legal process that started when Clinton was President. The latter claim is completely false. By the way, out of all the lawsuits you teabaggers could’ve used to smear our current President, why did you choose one involving BLACK farmers. Anyone with a triple-digit IQ can see your dog whistles from a mile away.

    10) I assume by “end runs around Congress” you mean executive orders. Unless President Obama GREATLY increases his rate of executive orders, he will leave office having signed FAR fewer of them than your demigod Ronald Reagan. And this is despite the fact that he is dealing with a Congress that’s on track to becoming the least productive Congress in American history. And no, none of his executive orders are a breach of the Constitution

    11) When I typed “Sebelius demands payment” into Google, I could find no relevant results. At this point, you are just making sh*t up

    12) I assume by “our enemies” you mean Al Queda. The U.S. was actually aiding Syrian rebels in their fight for that democracy thing you right-wingers claim to love so much every time you send our soldiers to die in a foreign country. Al Queda attached itself to Syrian rebels for the specific purpose of discrediting the U.S.

    13) Many Presidents have made recess appointments, the first being none other than George Washington. In fact St. Ronnie Reagan made 240 recess appointments while Barack Obama made only 32. And none of these appointments violate the Constitution as recess appointments are expressly allowed by Article Two Section 3.

    14) This claims stems from a brain fart produced by Louie Gohmert – a man widely known to have acquired his bald spot because his hair died under his tinfoil hat – and echoed by right-wing lunacy repositories on the internet like However, there is no evidence that this claim is true. All of the DHS officials that Gohmert named were vetted before they took their jobs, and found to have no connections with any enemies of the United States. No further evidence of their involvement with anyone unsavory has been produced since either

    15) Before you decry “Obamacare” as an atrocity of the highest order, try understanding how it works first. You might actually have a shred of credibility then. (I said “might” so I’m not making any promises.) Nobody who is wealthy and influential enough to be friends with The President needs a waiver to be exempt from the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act states that everyone must purchase health insurance or pay a fine to the IRS. There are millions of people who are exempt from this mandate, but they are not wealthy or influential people. On the contrary, they are low-income individuals. The ACA has a stipulation that if your income is too high for you to be covered by Medicaid but too low for you to afford health insurance – even with a government subsidy – you are exempt from the individual mandate. To make sure people in that category can still get healthcare coverage, President Obama has been pushing for Medicaid expansion, which many of the governors from YOUR party have been steadfastly refusing.

    So can I have a conversation with you now? Doesn’t matter, because I don’t want to have one with you. In fact, you are hereby dismissed.
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