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Thread: Preferred cue tip..I've come full circle.

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    Sure, softer tips flatten sooner. I don't go to the extreme with the LePro. I always select a harder LePro out of the box. My point is that I've bought and used $10-$20 Moori tips for years and the LePro ended up being a tip I shoulda stayed with @ 50 cents a tip.

    My phylosophy concerning tip maintenence is this. Your stroke "conditions the tip" to your partucular stroke, naturally over time. When you continually shape and mess with a tip, that's your tip-man's best dream. If a tip ain't mushroomed...just play with it. sid
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    I also prefer a single layer tip but use triangle tips.

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    I agree with Vlad. Triangles are about the best general-purpose tip on the market. They are hard enough to last, yet they hold chalk well (possibly because the leather fibers are fairly coarse, which fights glazing). Whenever I'm retipping a cue and the owner is not sure what he wants, I steer him to a triangle because most people can play well with it.

    Le Pros also play well, but over the years I have observed that they have a tendency to "chunk out" when they are played down to about 1/3 of their original thickness. I've never had a triangle do this.
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    I suspekt that layered pigskin (kan u get single layer pigskin tips???) kan be better than buffalo-skin (single or multi-layer)(or cowhide, whatever).
    Koz i reckon that pigskin iz stronger or something.
    Koz i reckon that missedcues are sometimes due to shear failure of the leather (rather than the uzual failure of the chalk) -- and pigskin might be tougher here.
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