.....Author: paxton (88.105.51.---) Date: 07-Oct-10 16:26
In the ebook archive version, of “Travels in the upper and lower Amoor” by Thomas Witlam Atkinson he describes and illustrates (on page n140) a standing monolith measuring 23.1m x 7.31m x 5.79m.
The rock type is not specified but this monolith would likely weigh over 2,000 tons and the dimensions given make it by far the largest standing stone in the world. Atkinson was clearly a fine illustrator and seemingly not a man prone to exaggeration but I can’t find any other information about this. The monolith reportedly stands in an extremely remote area of the Kora River valley in Siberia. Has anyone any further information about this? Does anyone have any idea where this river is? Coordinates would be very useful. The archive illustration is on the link below: you may need to scroll down one page to get it on page n141. The dimensions are given on page n138
Thanks Paxton.....