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So, you finally admit that you hate the USA? Guess what, Mac, we already knew that. Additionally, all countries are based on the weak and the strong, that happens to be "Life" everywhere. Not much of what you write here adds up to anything resembling common sense, but now, as you continue to attack my country, while proving your own limited common sense, you are also telling us you want to see our country die? Are you really THAT jealous of America, Mack? I can assure you that Americans aren't even thinking about your country, so whjy are you so obsessed with our country? You'd better spend your time worrying about your own country, Mac. G.
Gayle, I don't hate theusofa, I hate the people. Az everyone knows I hate superstitious ignorant selfish pink arsed apes everywhere. Thusly I hate society in general.