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Thread: gravity waves and gravity speed.

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    Aether drag hypothesis
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In the 19th century, the theory of the luminiferous aether as the hypothetical medium for the propagation of light was widely discussed. An important part of this discussion was the question concerning the state of motion of Earth with respect to this medium. The aether drag hypothesis dealt with the question whether the luminiferous aether is dragged by or entrained within moving matter. According to the first variant no relative motion exists between Earth and aether; according to the second one, relative motion exists and thus the speed of light should depend on the speed of this motion ("aether wind"), which should be measurable by instruments at rest on Earth's surface. Specific aether models were invented by Augustin-Jean Fresnel who in 1818 proposed that the aether is partially entrained by matter. The other one was proposed by George Stokes in 1845, in which the aether is completely entrained within or in the vicinity of matter. While Fresnel's almost stationary theory was apparently confirmed by the Fizeau experiment (1851), Stokes' theory was apparently confirmed by the Michelson–Morley experiment (1881, 1887). This contradictory situation was resolved by the works of Hendrik Antoon Lorentz (1895, 1904) whose Lorentz ether theory banished any form of aether dragging, and finally with the work of Albert Einstein (1905) whose theory of special relativity doesn't contain the aether as a mechanical medium at all. [1] [2] [3].........

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    It looks like Wikileaks duznt beleev in any form of aether-drag (no full-drag, no partial-drag).
    The truth iz simple. Aether-drag exists when matter iz accelerating (eg changing speed, eg changing direction).
    And aether-drag allso exists when aether iz changing speed or direction, (a) due to aether-creation (probly in the creation-zone), and (b) due to aether-hammer (due to matter accelerating somewhere).

    But what iz aether-drag?? What duzz it look like??
    The aether-wind blowing throo Earth at prezent varys tween 400km/s and 460km/s (or ???km/s), depending on where Earth iz in its orbit round the Sun. Any drag merely changes this by praps a few km/s (i suppoze).
    Earth's average lineal speed throo the cosmos iz nearnuff nonchanging. But Earth's orbits (about six) and spin (one) are all accelerations.

    Orbital aether-drag and spin aether-drag all drag aether towards the axes of orbit/spin. And thems drags are never-ending. But once again theze drags only modyfy the aether-wind a bit. Theze little drag-effekts merely form weak eddys downstream in the aether-wind. I reckon u karnt detect aether-drag very eezyly. Its too weak, and its hiding in the aether-wind.

    But there iz at least one exception. Lab tests hav shown that a horizontal spinning disc dekreeces Earth's-g just abov the disc (and would show an inkreec in Earth's-g just below the disc), due to inertia-(spin)g spitting aether out upwards at the axle (and out downwards below the axle). The upwards flow speed of the aether duznt do it, the upwards acceleration duzz the trick (if flow streamlines converge this iz acceleration). A little further away abov the disc the converging streamlines would probly bekum parallel (=zero acceleration, zero affekt on Earth's-g), and further away the streamlines would probly diverge (=deceleration, an inkreec in Earth's-g). Thusly i reckon that this test iz very sensitiv to the closeness. There hav been lots of tests showing null, but theze must hav been too far away, for a disc, r/4 might be too far. For a spinning sphere, r/2 might be too far (r being measured from center), ie the meter would be too far away even if touching the surface of the sphere.

    The spitting-outs are due only to the aether being sucked-in around the rim of the disc. The aether flowing in = the aether flowing out. There iz no driving force spitting aether axially outwards, there iz only a driving force in the plane, sucking aether inwards. And aether duznt necessaryly go in, nor duzz it necessaryly go out, no, aether merely goze past (at 400 to 460km/s). But if u ignore the average background aether-wind, then your drawing only shows changes in the wind, thusly showing convergence and divergence etc.

    Aether-drag iz aether-acceleration -- aether-drag aint aether-flow.

    Google DePalma, & Podkletnov, & Aspden, & others re gravity shielding etc. Most of their stuff iz antigravity, and magnetic, and superconductors, and vibration, ie mostly rubbish. DePalma's spinning ball haz got me thinking.
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