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Thread: gravity waves and gravity speed.

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    I am looking for clues in the following bits of Cahill's 2014 article. Still thinking. mac.

    .........are completely driven by space fluctuations,........... gravitational waves, which are space fluctuations,.............. Experiments reveal that the electron current fluctuations are solely caused by space fluctuations........... and variations in radioactive decay rates related to distance of the Earth from the Sun [23], as the 3-space fluctuations are enhanced by proximity to the Sun........ by space velocity fluctuations that affect the nucleus energy....... fluctuations are shown in Fig.5, bottom, revealing that the N detector current fluctuations are delayed by ∼0.5 Ás relative to the S detector......... Such fluctuations are seen at all time scales, see [11], and suggest that the passing space has a fractal structure, illustrated in Fig.7 ......... that light speed anisotropy detections were always associated with significant turbulence/fluctuation wave effects........... However the experimental data shows that these current fluctuations are completely determined by the fluctuations in the passing space, as demonstrated by the time delay effect, herein at the Ás time scale and in [8] at the 10-20 sec scale......... As discussed below those fluctuations in velocity are gravitational waves, but not with the characteristics usually assumed, and not detected despite enormous effects.........

    ..........the emergence of the “classical world” as space-induced wave function localization............. first direct detection of flowing space.......... as space-induced wave function localization.......... The measurement of the speed of passing space is now elegantly and simply measured by this very.........

    .........The dynamical space possesses an intrinsic inflation epoch with associated fractal turbulence: gravitational waves,............ As in previous experiments there are considerable fluctuations at all time scales, indicating a fractal structure to space......... Fig. 7: Representation of the fractal wave data as revealing the fractal textured structure of the 3-space, with cells of space having slightly different velocities and continually changing, and moving wrt the Earth with a speed of ∼500km/s........ This means that space has a structure that permits its velocity to be defined and detected, which experimentally has been done.......... Even in the absence of matter there can be time-dependent flows of space. Note that the dynamical space equation, apart from the short distance effect - the δ term, there is no scale factor, and hence a scale free structure to space is to be expected, namely a fractal space............

    ..........which revealed the average anisotropy vector to be 512km/s, RA=5.3hrs, Dec=81◦S (direction of Earth through space) on January 1, 2013........... This time delay effect reveals space traveling from S to N at a speed of approximately 476km/s, from maximum of correlation function.........

    ..........Zener diode detectors and from resonant bar detectors reveal sharp resonant frequencies known from seismology to be the same as the Earth vibration frequencies........

    ..........At sufficiently small distance scales that embedding and the velocity description is conjectured to be not possible, as then the dynamical space requires an indeterminate dimension embedding space, being possibly a quantum foam.......... A significant effect follows from (2), namely the emergence of gravity as a quantum effect.......... The necessary coupling of quantum systems to the fractal dynamical space also implies the generation of masses, as now the waves are not propagating through a structureless Euclidean geometrical space: this may provide a dynamical mechanism for the Higgs phenomenology.........

    .........Hence the fundamental insight is that Newton’s gravitational acceleration field g(r,t) is really the acceleration field a (r,t) of the structured dynamical space∗, and that quantum matter acquires that acceleration because it is fundamentally a wave effect, and the wave is refracted by the accelerations of space......

    ..........The ellipsis denotes higher order derivative terms with dimensioned coupling constants, which come into play when the flow speed changes rapidly with respect to distance.......... Its success implies that the universe is more connected than previously thought........... Even in the absence of matter there can be time-dependent flows of space........ At large distance scales it appears that a homogeneous space is dynamically unstable and undergoes dynamical breakdown of symmetry to form a spatial network of black holes and filaments [21], to which matter is attracted and coalesces into gas clouds, stars and galaxies.......... However in general this space expansion will be turbulent: gravitational waves, perhaps as seen by the BICEP2 experiment in the Antarctica. Such turbulence will result in the creation of matter...............

    ..........In [8] correlated waveforms from Zener diode detectors in Perth and London were used to determine the speed and direction of gravitational waves, and detected an Earth scattering effect: the effective speed is larger when the 3-space path passes deeper into the Earth, Fig........
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    Cahill duznt estimate the size of hiz fractal-cells.
    I suppose cells are larger than the distance tween detectors (25cm)?? And probly larger than Earth, otherwize the same fluctuation wouldn't affekt Perth and then London (from Cahill's previous experiment). But if larger than Earth (& if travelling at only 500km/s), then small-scale fluctuations must be embedded inside the large-scale fractal-cell (to giv the high frequency of fluctuations found in all of Cahill's tabletop experiments tween 2005 and 2013). And theze small-scale fluctuations must be long-lived, changing very little in the 13 seconds it takes to kross Earth. When i say small-scale, they would be small-scale radially speaking, but Earth-size circumferentially speaking. Eech fractal-cell would be like a thinly layered Earth-sized onion, probly many times Earth-size. What might make eech layer a layer?? And how would eech layer be different to other layers?? If layers had very similar propertys then in effekt the fluctuations would be a fluctuation, not fluctuations.

    Cahill mentions quantum-foam and space-flow but iz carefull not to uze the word aether (this would be suicide)!!
    Cahill makes respektfull mention of blackholes etc etc (kissing arse iz mandatory, to fool the mainstream mafia)!! Aktually the existence of blackholes helps more than hurts Cahill's process physics stuff, so he duznt really need to take sides in that war. But Cahill duzz kiss arse if ever he mentions the BigBang and BigBang Inflation. Mentioning the BICEP2 experiment iz sheer genius -- kissykissykissykissy.

    ....................Such turbulence will result in the creation of matter.........
    Duzz Cahill beleev that matter iz created in all fractal-cells, all the time, or only in fractal-cells in a creation-zone near cosmic-center??
    And creation needs some sort of turbulence?? Iz that turbulence sub-atomic, or iz it at atomic sizes, or at large scales or very large scales??
    Iz the turbulence due to creation of aether somewhere?? Or due to creation of matter (turbulence makes turbulence).
    Duzz the creation of aether allways giv aether-turbulence?? Iz the turbulence a sort of natural self-feeding pulsation (eg allmost all processes on Earth hav a pulsation, ie a sort of unstable-equilibrium, eg water-hammer, waves, wind-gusts, tides, geysers, volcanoes, earthquakes).

    ..................Even in the absence of matter there can be time-dependent flows of space.......
    This statement iz a puzzle. If aether iz created somewhere, then it must be mooving everywhere. And if it iz allways mooving, everywhere, then that mooving kan never be perfiktly smooth and never perfiktly constant. For example aether mooving away from a point will hav diverging streamlines, ie automatic deceleration. Aether mooving towards a point will hav converging streamlines, ie automatic acceleration. So "can be" iz a puzzle. "Even in the absence of matter" iz a puzzle. The whole damned line iz a puzzle.

    .................variations in radioactive decay rates related to distance of the Earth from the Sun [23], as the 3-space fluctuations are enhanced by proximity to the Sun.................. All of this stuff iz a continuation of Cahill's article on The Shnoll Effect.
    And Shnoll showed that hiz effekt woz affekted by lunar stuff, & solar stuff, & Milky Way stuff, & cosmic stuff.
    I find it diffikult to imagin how the Sun might enhance fluctuations unless the Sun iz allso the main driver.
    So, how duzz the Sun enhance fluctuations?? How duzz proximity enhance fluctuations??

    What duzz Cahill meen by turbulence & fluctuations & space-flow??
    Space-flow iz probly just aether-flow. Turbulence iz non-laminar flow, ie eddys, ie mixing. Fluctuation meens non-steady, & duznt necessaryly need any flow or any moovment -- it kan meen undulating, wavering, varying in speed or volume or density. Perturbation iz a good word when the disturbances are rare events. I guess that a gravity-wave (if it exists) iz a fluctuation, it karnt be turbulence. But our onion-rings kan be turbulence (not just fluctuations). Anyhow, if turbulence produces matter, why karnt fluctuations produce matter??
    And i reckon that "3-space fluctuations" iz Cahill's way of saying that Frankeinstein's bending of space & time stuff iz krapp.

    ..................the effective speed is larger when the 3-space path passes deeper into the Earth..........
    Very interesting. The speed of fluctuations iz larger. But are the fluctuations larger, or lesser, or samer??
    What makes speed larger az the path passes deeper into Earth?? Notice that Cahill duznt say out of Earth. By saying into Earth then Cahill iz telling us that the fluctuations hit us first, then hit Earth. Cahill iz in Adelaide, ie near the South Pole. The aether goze throo Earth from south to north. Hencely in Adelaide it iz allways going "into" the Earth, some times a lot into (deeper), some times hardly at all.
    So, what would happen if Cahill did hiz tests in London??
    In Adelaide aether iz sometimes accelerating to Earth, at say 500km/s + 11.2km/s (background aether-wind plus gravity-inflow) = 511km/s.
    In London aether iz sometimes decelerating out of Earth at say 500km/s + 11.2km/s - 11.2km/s = 500km/s.

    ......................with cells of space having slightly different velocities & continually changing & moving wrt the Earth with a speed of 500km/s............ Do cells hav strong boundarys?? Are boundarys due to shear, ie due to eddys, ie to spin?? Or due to density?? What iz changing?? Size?? Shape?? Density?? Spin?? Speed?? Iz it a pulsating change?? How kan cells hav different velocitys?? Do they overtake eech other?? Praps a vortex of fractal-cells -- like a tornado in an onion patch. Or are they like stationary clouds on a windy day?? What causes changing?? Creation of aether?? Creation of mass?? Annihilation of aether?? Annihilation of mass??

    ......................At very low frequencies the data from Zener diode detectors and from resonant bar detectors reveal sharp resonant frequencies known from seismology to be the same as the Earth vibration frequencies........
    Iz the sameness a mere coincidence?? Or iz there a good reason??
    Duzz Earth vibrate seismically at a natural harmonic frequency due to Earth's solid nature (ie like a bell ringing)??
    Or duzz Earth's vibration simply follow the frequency of the outside forces or fluctuations (ie like a small rock and a big jackhammer)??
    I assume that the resonance iznt in the zener-diode detectors, or in the bar detectors??
    Are the sharp resonant frequencies a nuisance that needs remooving?? Or do they help?? Or, more than help, are they crucial??
    Still thinking, mac.
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    What iz guilty of making Cahill's slow mooving (500km/s) aether-fluctuations (or turbulence, perturbation, disturbance)??

    Anything that makes hi-speed (20,000,000,000*c) fluctuations iz innocent. This inkloods gravity-mass, pseudo-gravity-mass, lineal-inertia, radial-inertia, pseudo-inertia, plus-inertia, minus-inertia. Firstly we need to get rid of an ambiguity. There are two sorts of fluctuation. A primary process might change or vibrate or moov at a hi-speed, that iz one type of fluctuation. And that change or vibration or moovment might transmit some sort of effekt at a hi-speed, that's a second type of fluctuation. The first might be named a process-speed, the second praps transmission-speed. A hi process-speed duznt guarantee innocence, but a hi transmission-speed duzz guarantee innocence, in the prezent investigation.

    Matter-turbulence iz innocent, ie moovment of matter, eg Earth tides, Earth ringing, Earth orbit (& Moon & Sun). All matter-turbulence iz slowish-motion, but it transmits its effekt via aether-hammer (ie at at least 20,000,000,000*c).

    Gravitational Waves iz innocent. Firstly your Honor Gravitational Waves duznt exist, he woz never born. Secondly your Honor Mr Gravitational Waves duzz exist but he allways travels at very hi-speed, some experts say c, some experts say at at least 20,000,000,000*c. Thirdly your Honor if he iz ever clocked at 500km/s then it iznt him, Gravitational Wave iz an alias.

    Still thinking, mac.
    Reg Cahill says ..........The wave effects already detected correspond to fluctuations in the 3-space velocity field v(r,t), so they are really 3-space turbulence or wave effects. However they are better known, if some what inappropriately, as “gravitational waves” or “ripples” in “spacetime”.
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    Ok i found a prime suspect, & i hav a smoking gun. In post No51 on April-17 i wrote the following wordage re Podlketkov's smoke. Here we hav a profile of the punk we are looking for. Hey punk, you've gotta ask yourself a question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

    ..........A horizontally spinning disc will emit an axial-ray of aether vertically upwards, and another downwards.
    Lets say the background cosmic aether-wind iz 430km/s (or 420 or 486 or something), at 15dg below horizontal at the Equator. Lets say Earth's gravity creates an aether-stream sinking vertically at 10km/s. Lets say the axial-up-ray iz 1km/s (& the down-ray iz 1km/s).
    But aether-winds and aether-streams and aether-rays wont necessaryly affekt wt. Constant aether-speed wont affekt wt, only aether-acceleration affekts wt. So we are looking for accelerations. We kan ignore the background cosmic-wind, there iz allmost zero acceleration there. Nextly consider Earth's gravity, this iz a strong acceleration, but it iz fairly uniform in every part of the building (ie it iz the same inside a ray and outside). Therefore we kan ignore Earth's gravity too. Nextly consider the disc's gravity, this akts towards the disc -- it iz very weak, and therefore we kan ignore it too.
    This leevs us with the disc's axial-rays, created by radial-inertia. I reckon that there iz a significant amount of upwards acceleration & downwards acceleration in our axial-rays very near the disc (when closer than r/2), quickly dekreecing, there being allmost zero acceleration once further than r. This duznt look very good, they are hardly rays at all, just small little sawn-off runts of rays. Certainly not strong rays laughing at ceilings and floors and roof az they disappear up into the clouds and down into the ground.

    So acceleration iz a bit of a fizzer, lets look elsewhere. Now things get tricky. Lets just look at the axial-up-ray on its own, ignoring aether-wind and aether-streams. The up-ray iz 1km/s near the disc, and 1km/s all the way up to the clouds. And the aether outside the ray iz stationary (in effekt). A Nobel Medallion will weigh the same inside the ray and outside.

    But if u moov that Nobel from outside the ray to inside, the Nobel will feel an upwards force whilst crossing the boundary. The aether haz a different speed outside & inside, thusly aetherons in the Nobel will be accelerated upwards whilst crossing the boundary. That acceleration will be very strong, but very brief. If the Nobel iz in a pan of a balance (with wts in the other pan) the pan will lift whilst crossing the boundary (the Nobel appears to looz wt briefly). U kood say that this loss iz due to pseudo-inertia. An exiting pan would sink.

    A puff of smoke entering the up-ray will be whisked upwards, then whilst exiting on the other side it will be whisked downwards. Podkletnov will see a column of ascending smoke, even if the smoke iz only passing throo.
    I havnt mentioned the aether and smoke being sucked in at the rim of the disc. This smoke will then enter the axial-rays & ascend (& descend). An inevitable & powerfull effekt. No need to wait for smoke to blunder into the rays.

    So, we hav one up-ray, but two different ray-forces. We hav the shortish-range force due to accelerating-aether, and we hav the longish-range force due to the pseudo-acceleration effekt due to crossing the boundary. Combined, we get a worthy ray.
    In fakt we hav two up-rays. The ray due to accelerating aether will allways be a sharp vertical circle. Aether acceleration haz a speed of at least 20,000,000,000*c, therefore the background cosmic aether-wind blowing at 430km/s will hav little effekt on its vertical angle (ie zero aberration)(even tho the aether iz mooving at only 1km/s). But its first-born, the ray due to aether-speed (giving pseudo-acceleration & pseudo-inertia), will be stretched downstream by the aether-wind, & will be a weak wall of smoke rather than a strong column.

    At latitudes abov 75dg the background aether-wind kan be vertical (beware of polar bears). There would be zero stretching, both rays would be nearnuff identical, forming one sharp ray, & we would see a strong column of ascending smoke.
    Better still, stay where u are, and align the disc's axis to the background aether-wind. At lat15dg the axis might be horizontal. Aktually i reckon that horizontal columns of smoke would be just az strong az vertical columns, anywhere..........
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    .......... But its first-born, the ray due to aether-speed (giving pseudo-acceleration & pseudo-inertia),
    will be stretched downstream by the aether-wind, & will be a weak wall of smoke rather than a strong column

    Polkletnov's rizing smoke woz due to a spinning disc. A spinning Earth kan do likewize. Earth's rays streaming axially out at praps 1km/s at the poles will form walls due to the 500km/s background aether-wind. Theze rays are slow velocity-rays, aether inside the rays travelling say 1km/s faster or slower than the background aether-wind. They are not hi-speed acceleration-rays where the acceleration acts at at least 20,000,000,000*c.

    The wall-ray exiting the north-pole duznt hav a huge effekt koz it iz mostly downwind of Earth, ie going away.
    But the wall-ray "exiting" the south-pole haz a large affekt on everything in or on Earth. Anything sitting in the ray duznt feel a thing, koz the aether velocity in the ray iz nearnuff constant, likewize anything sitting outside the ray. But, when London's spin-orbit iz crossing into the wall-ray, London will feel the ray. And likewize when London's spin-orbit iz crossing out of the wall-ray.

    The southern wall-ray haz a komplikated shape. It iz a speed-ray, & iz spawned by the acceleration-ray which iz allways a long straight big circular column exiting axially at the south pole (it iz never a wall-ray). Aether in this acceleration-column wants to exit at say 1km/s, but iz overpowered by the background aether-wind (say 500km/s), & exits at say 499km/s. If the rezulting speed-ray iz directly into the aether-wind then it too iz a column-ray, but if at an angle then the speed-ray forms a wall-ray. The upwind end of the wall will be a half-cylinder of infinite length (downwards). The sides of the wall will be nearnuff parallel, and hav infinite length (with the wind). The top of the wall will hav an angle that follows the direction of the 500km/s wind (plus or minus the 1km/s).

    The top of the wall iz aktually more komplikated than above. The acceleration-ray aktually starts at the equator, where it iz a sort of inflowing disc. It iz a mirror image of the acceleration-ray in the northern hemisphere, they abut at the equator. The equatorial inflow of the acceleration-ray gradually veers inside Earth, bekumming a polar outflow. Here when i say flow i don't meen flow-velocity, i meen flow-acceleration (u know what i meen). So, the acceleration-ray haz a funny looking taper, like a cylinder valve from an internal combustion engine. The northern ray and southern ray butt together like a valve sitting on a valve.

    Parts of the wall-rays spawned by the flat valve-shape ends will hav a komplikated external shape and komplikated internal velocity structure (ie downwind). Adelaide (being in the south, ie upwind) wont be affected by the valve-shape ends, it will be affected by the plain bit of the wall-ray. But London will be affected by all of the southern wall-ray & its valve-end. Plus London will be affected by a part of the valve-end of the northern wall-ray.

    Hypothetical. Wall-rays might change the aether-wind velocity by 1km/s if/when directly into or away from the background aether-wind, ie when they are column-rays (ie never). But if/when at an angle (they are allways at an angle) the wall-rays would hav a much weaker affekt (eg 1/100km/s).

    Anyhow, wall-rays & pseudo-inertia must be found guilty. Combined they are Cahill's faux-gravity-waves for hiz tabletop experiment (where hiz zener-diode detectors are 25cm apart). Here the table's spin-orbit crosses both sides of the external edge-velocity-gradient of the southern wall-ray, plus any internal-velocity-gradients, rezulting in pseudo-inertia. And the same tabletop would work just az well or even better in London, which gets a triple-dose (London's cops the southern wall-ray plus its valve-end plus a bit of northern valve-end).

    Pseudo-Inertia & Pseudo-Fluctuations. Cahill's fluctuations are not fluctuations of the aether. The background aether-wind haz a constant speed & constant direction at every point (constant but differing). The fluctuations are not real, they are due to the table crossing the constant wind, the table experiencing what it thinx iz a fluctuating aether-wind. Pseudo-inertia iz due to pseudo-fluctuations.

    Wall-rays allso explain Cahill's faux-gravity-waves in hiz Perth-London tabletop tests. Alltho here its a bit messy, what with the London table's spin-orbit crossing the same wall-ray az Perth's table, but with London's table allso crossing thems valve-ends.

    Ladys & Gentlemen of the Jury. Radial-Inertia iz the ringleader, the 2 Polar-Rays were lookouts, the 2 Polar Wall-Rays drove the getaway car, & Pseudo-Inertia pulled the trigger. So, Ladys & Gentlemen of the Jury, u must find the defendant, Mr Gravitational-Waves, not-guilty.
    Your Honor, the Defense rests. mac.
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    Cahill sayd.................variations in radioactive decay rates related to distance of the
    Earth from the Sun [23], as the 3-space fluctuations are enhanced by proximity to the Sun..................

    I sayd............................... All of this stuff iz a continuation of Cahill's article on The Shnoll Effect. And Shnoll showed that hiz effekt woz affekted by lunar stuff, & solar stuff, & Milky Way stuff, & cosmic stuff. I find it diffikult to imagin how the Sun might enhance fluctuations unless the Sun iz allso the main driver. So, how duzz the Sun enhance fluctuations?? How duzz proximity enhance fluctuations??.........

    Previously i sayd that Cahill's fluctuations are just pseudo-fluctuations which create pseudo-inertia. And Cahill's fractal-cells are aktually one big wall-ray. I reckon the Sun might enhance pseudo-fluctuations. The Sun kan add or subtract i think 42.1km/s to the 500km/s aether-wind (42.1km/s being the Sun's escape velocity at Earth). This contribution to the aether-wind might strengthen the wall-ray. Here i don't meen that a 542km/s wind iz stronger than a 500km/s wind. It aint. But it might rezult in a stronger angle for the wind. The main point being that the closer the Sun then the stronger the effekt (if any)(eg the 42.1 might vary tween 40 and 44).

    Earth's wall-ray would be strongest when/if it iz aligned with the aether-wind, ie if the aether-wind aligned with Earth's spin-axis, in which case the wall-ray would be a column-ray (koz it forms a cylindrical column, not a weaker stretched column, ie a wall). The more the miss-alignment then the more the stretching, and the weaker the wall-ray.

    But if the ray iz a pure column-ray, then nothing on Earth kood possible cross an edge, koz everything on Earth would be spinning about the same axis az the column-ray. And if the column-ray woz a few degrees off pure, praps lots of places (eg London, Adelaide, Perth, ie Cahill's tabletop detectors) would yet fail to cross an edge. So praps u want the column-ray stretched to form a wall-ray, but not too stretched. Hencely the strongest pseudo-fluctuations might be detected when the wall-ray iz stretched just enuff to cross/cover Earth. If the Sun's contribution givs a favourable angle to the aether-wind then it might strengthen the wall-ray. An astronomer kood soon check this out (i meen uzing brainpower, not a telescope). I will hav a looksee, but this might take a week (i aint a genius).

    Anyhow the aether-wind iz often blowing i think no closer than 15dg off Earth's spin-axis. And 42km/s in 500km/s might add or subtract praps at most 4.8dg. And the proximity of the Sun might make a difference of tween 40 and 44, ie praps only 0.47dg (ie 10%). Probly not enuff for a Nobel Prize.

    There iz one other way that the Sun might enhance the pseudo-fluctuations. The Sun makes its own wall-rays. At a certain time in Earth's orbital year theze Solar wall-rays might be crossed by Cahill's tabletop detector. This would add to pseudo-fluctuations due to Earth's wall-rays (and due to the Moon's wall-rays). The closer the Sun the stronger the effekt (if any). An astronomer kood check this out.

    Earth's wall-ray iz a light-house beam sweeping Earth once a day. It iz a wide beam covering say 30dg at eech pole (ie 60dg of latitude in all). Anyplace within 30dg of the south pole would be spinning-orbiting inside the wall-ray all day every day, & wouldn't ever cross its (strong) edge. Hencely sites farther than 30dg from the south pole might hav stronger pseudo-fluctuations. Allso theze sites hav a larger spin-radius, & cross the wall-ray with greater speed, enhancing pseudo-fluctuations even moreso.

    The northern polar region iz different. If the aether-wind iz at 15dg to Earth's spin-axis, then at times of the year sites closer than 15dg to the north pole mightn't enjoy az much pseudo-fluctuation from the southern wall-ray. Solar proximity might hav a bigger effekt at theze hungry sites. Anyhow i suspekt that the Sun's proximity iznt az important az the time of year (ie dangle-angle trumps proximity).

    Every spinning body makes aetheric acceleration-rays (polar column-rays) & aetheric speed-rays (wall-rays or column-rays).
    Thusly every spinning body makes (or kan make) pseudo-inertia. This would inklood small discs, flywheels, moons, planets, stars, galaxys etc. Orbiting bodys would hav a very very very weak effekt due to their orbit, but strong effekts if they hav strong spin.
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    So, Cahill's fractal-cells and fluctuations and gravitational-waves are aktually wall-rays and pseudo-fluctuations and pseudo-inertia. Here iz some of my stuff from post No48 re pseudo-inertia.
    ...................... 7. Pseudo-Inertia. In posting 51 i mention a novel concept re pseudo aether-acceleration az a body crosses an aether flow boundary (an aether shear-zone). The boundary or shear-zone separates zones with different aether-speeds or direktions. A body crossing a shear-zone thinx that the aether iz accelerating. The body feels a force, i call it pseudo-inertia. So now we hav 4 types of inertia, linear & radial & pseudo & backpressure.
    Linear Inertia iz due to the body accelerating.
    Radial Inertia iz due to a body spinning (every bit of the body iz accelerating inwards).
    Pseudo Inertia iz not due to the body accelerating or spinning. It iznt a type of inertia, but neither iz it due to gravity-mass, nor pseudo-mass. It shood hav its own class & name. I called it pseudo-inertia, but it dezervs a better name, koz it aint an inertia.
    Backpressure Inertia iz due to fat spinning bodys.
    U kan get pseudo-inertia 3 ways, eech involvs the body crossing an aether shear-zone.
    Firstly the body kood moov across the surface of Earth, thusly crossing the shear-zone.
    Secondly the body might be stationary on Earth, but Earth moovs or spins across the shear-zone.
    Thirdly the shear-zone might moov across Earth (and the body).
    And u kan hav a mixture of theze 3 ways. Pseudo-inertia kood lead to error when measuring or calculating gravity-mass or inertia-mass.

    So, pseudo-inertia needs a better name. Hav a look at this .........
    Gravity iz a force attracting all aetherons towards all other aetherons due to all aetherons eating aether.
    Pseudo-gravity iz a force attracting all aetherons towards the creation-zone at cosmic-cell center due to the creation-zone excreting aether. Aether iz pushed outwards, the flowlines diverging, ie the aether acceleration iz inwards
    Inertia (linear & radial) iz a rezistance force produced by aetherons where/when thoze aetherons rezist acceleration.
    Pseudo-inertia iz a real force acting on aetherons where/when thoze aetherons rezist pseudo-acceleration.
    Pseudo-acceleration of aether happens when aetherons cross an aetherial velocity shear-zone (or when the shear-zone crosses the aetherons).
    Shear-zone iz a zone in an aetherial velocity-ray where the speed of the aether changes (ie the whole ray, but probly stronger near the edges).
    Velocity-ray iz a zone where the aether iz mooving relativ to the background aether-wind, & kan be due to centrifuging.

    A few comments allready mentioned much earlyer........
    All forces (gravity & inertia & pseudo-inertia) are in a sense inertial.
    Aether cannot itself produce a force, koz aether haznt mass. Aether only transfers force tween aetherons, koz aetherons hav mass.
    The force-transfer iz a stepwize feedback sort of aether-hammer, travelling at at least 20,000,000,000*c.

    Gravity iz simple, aetherons attract other aetherons.
    Pseudo-gravity iz similar to gravity. I sayd aetherons are attracted to the creation-zone. Yes they are, but the attraction-force only exists koz the creation-zone kan pull on aetherons on the far side. See?? The creation-zone iz thusly in tension, and aether sort of boils into existence (read Ranzan).

    But inertia iz weird. An aetheron only rezists acceleration by pulling/pushing on another aetheron. A solitary aetheron haz no inertia. U kood say the same thing re gravity, a solitary aetheron haz no gravity-attraction. Introduce a second aetheron and allmost instantly u hav a full measure of gravity-attraction tween thems 2 aetherons. Not so with inertia. Introduce a second aetheron and allmost instantly u hav a half-measure of inertial force (and inertial mass). I explained all of this earlyer.

    So, we need a better name than pseudo-inertia. False-inertia. Faux-inertia. Faux-gravity. Faux-mass. Shear-inertia. Shear-gravity. Shear-mass. Virtual-inertia. Turbulent-gravity. Fluctuating-gravity. Weight-wave. Weight-surge. Weight-pulse.

    The following are allready taken or no good. Artificial-gravity. Anti-gravity. Zero-gravity. Para-gravity. Super-gravity. Super-inertia. Gravity-wave. Inertia-wave.

    I hav a liking for Inertia-Wave, but it iz taken. Weight-wave looks interesting.
    I will be back. mac.
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    The Tamarack Mines Mystery..... iz a must read.
    My Dangle-BeamOmeter stuff iz similar -- see my posting No42 on this prezent thread.

    I once calculated that the moon kan make a 1/500,000 difference to the level of my billiard table. Thusly a 4200 ft long plumb-line might lean 0.1 inches one way and then 0.1 inches the other way due to the moon's orbit, an overall varyation of 0.2 inches. (But my calcs might hav got an F, karnt remember). Anyhow the Moon wouldn't hav affected the unexpected divergence of the two Tamarack plumb-wires (ie the Moon would hav pulled on both wires equally).

    They say the Tamarack divergence woz fairly obviously due to air moovment or magnetic affekts. They then sealed the top of the shaft, but there would hav been some air moovment anyhow. And they then allso uzed non-magnetic wires and bobs, which i guess ruled out the magnetic answer. Wires hanging in vacuum in air-free pipes would hav settled the question (too diffikult for sure).

    That bizness re getting more divergence when the bobs are partly immersed in oil iz a real brain-teaser, very klever.
    Anyhow i thort that praps one shood calculate how the 24 B&S gauge piano-wires displace air over their full length, thusly inkreecing the divergence at bottom. Allso inklooding the air displaced by the half of the plumb-bob not immersed in oil. Likewize for the 20 B&S gauge phosphor-bronze wires. But i worked out that the wt of air displaced woz approx 10gm (& for 20 gauge 15gm), thusly the diverging force would be less than say 0.2gm, most of it near the bottom, ie insignificant. Then later i realized that whereaz the oil had a leaning surface, the air had no such leaning surface, and thusly the diverging air-force must be zero.

    No, i woz korrekt the first time, displaced air duzz add to divergence. No, i am wrong again, the whole wt of the whole damned wire will add to divergence, and displaced air duznt add nor subtrakt. Lemmeseenow, the wt of 4250ft of 24B&S gauge piano-wire iz say 0.5106mm dia by 1295.4m long = 0.000265m3 by SG4 = 1.06kg. The lead bobs were 50 pound = 22.68kg. The bronze 20 B&S gauge wire = 0.8128mm with SG8 = 5.38kg. Still not much wt, & hencely insignificant for divergence.
    Still thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cushioncrawler View Post
    Here are some candidates for Cosmic Background Microwave Radiation.
    1. A Big Bang..................... Our universe emerging from a point.
    2. A Small Bang................. Someone farted in the observatory.
    3. Lots of Medium Bangs..... Syria.

    Here are some candidates for Foreground Microwave Radiation.
    4. Oceanic Microwave Radiation.
    5. Galactic Microwave Radiation.

    And the winner iz -- OMR.
    I don't believe Big Bang theory dictates universe starting from a single point. It is a quite funny bit of yankee humor though.

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    Crothers mentions 5 types of BigBang, & 3 types of BlackHole, & shows that the true numbers are zero & zero (which makes it 6 & 4).
    I think there are a few theorys with a non-point BigBang. And/or with multiple BB's. Or with an inifinite BB.
    But i like my (Ranzan's) BangBang theory, ie a pulsating (my idea) creation-zone (Ranzan's idea). An infinite number ovem aktually, one at eech cosmic-cell center (see Ranzan's DSSU).

    I started this thread koz i woz sick of reading science krapp on AZbilliards all simply regurgitating mainstream cosmology krapp & the standard model krapp & Frankeinsteinian krapp.
    So i just wrote something every day, mainly based on aether-theory, mainly Ranzan's stuff, & Cahill's stuff (with help from Crothers & Mathis & Rybczyk & others). I go best when i write it down & read & think & edit, koz i think with my eyes, ie the seeing part of my brain.

    Anyhow pretty soon i kame up with about 10 nice new novel ideas, in one lil'ol thread, without needing any math-krapp or quantum-krapp.
    Luvv google. Novel ideas counted on multiple threads on AZB == zero, zilch = nix, nil, none, null = 0.000, 0.0*10^6, 0/1 = 0+0, (0,0,0).
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