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Thread: 10,853 out of 10,855 scientists agree: Global warming is happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cushioncrawler View Post
    Gayle -- There are denyers and there are denyers.
    Allmost 100% of historic science haz been prooven wrong.
    Allmost 100% of modern science will be prooven wrong.
    POINT No1.
    The leading No1 all-time first-commandment pre-eminent paramount law in physics iz the equivalence principle(s), ie that inertial-mass and gravity-mass are equal (etc). In physics the most accurat experiments ever conducted in labs hav prooven this law(s) again and again and again.

    Yesterday the equivalence law woz explained to be wrong for not just one reason, but for two separate reasons.
    Gravity-mass iz allways greater than inertial-mass.
    And inertial-mass iz never constant.

    This wrongness woz explained on a website called Billiards Digest. In a blog called gravity waves and gravity speed.
    The new explanation/theory iz very convincing (alltho very basik and not very comprehensiv), but haz yet to undergo "pier" review.

    POINT No2.
    The new explanation/theory might prevail, it might even attract a Nobel. However, even so, in the fullness of time, this theory too will be shown to be wrong or at least iz sure to be vastly improoved upon.

    (Not important). There are other theorys contradicting the equivalence principles, but theze are rubbish.
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