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Thread: Rick Perry Under Investigation For Coercion And Bribery

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    Exclamation Rick Perry Under Investigation For Coercion And Bribery

    Another GOP Crook On The Hook: Rick Perry Under Investigation For Coercion And Bribery

    Stephen D. Foster Jr.
    April 15, 2014

    First, it was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Now, it’s Texas Governor Rick Perry’s turn. The Republican presidential wannabe is the subject of a criminal investigation, and it’s about damn time.

    Texas Governor Rick Perry is the focus of a criminal investigation.

    Special Prosecutor Michael McCrum is spearheading a criminal probe of Perry after the Governor vetoed $7.5 million in funding for the Travis County District Attorney’s office in an effort to force DA Rosemary Lehmberg to resign her position.

    “I cannot elaborate on what exactly is concerning me, but I can tell you I am very concerned about certain aspects of what happened here,” McCrum told the American Statesman.

    Lehmberg, who is a Democrat, was charged of DWI in August 2013. She was subsequently convicted and sentenced to serve jail time. While in jail, she wrote a letter of apology to the people she serves and refused to resign. In December, a judge ruled that she could remain as the DA of Travis County. Basically, the judge is leaving it up to county residents to unseat her in the next election if they so choose. End of story, right? Wrong.

    Perry wants to force Lehmberg to resign so he can name her successor.

    Apparently, Rick Perry wants his own way. He’s decided to punish Travis County financially until Lehmberg resigns. He used his line-item veto power to specifically target Lehmberg. Perry claims he just doesn’t believe she can do her job. As usual, however, Perry seems to have an ulterior motivefor wanting Lehmberg gone. If she were to resign, Perry would get to name someone to replace her. Considering the fact that Perry is a Republican, it’s likely that he would choose someone affiliated with his party. Furthermore, since he would get to handpick the new DA, he’d be able to bury an ongoing investigation by Lehmberg’s office into one of Perry’s economic incentive programs.

    In short, Perry wants Lehmberg to disappear so he can install a conservative lackey and kill an investigation into one of his programs. In the process of denying Travis County this funding, 54 active cases are in jeopardy of being dropped. So Governor Perry is not only guilty of trying to coerce an elected official into resigning, he’s literally obstructing justice in multiple cases.

    This isn’t the only thing Perry should be investigated for.

    But this shouldn’t be the only thing Perry is investigated for. He should also face a criminal probe into the anti-abortion legislation he signed into law last year. As soon as he placed his signature on the bill, Perry’s sister gained the opportunity to personally profit off the increased need for abortion services as clinics close across the state. You see, as abortion clinics shutter their doors due to not having an ambulatory surgical center, Milla Perry Jones’ ambulatory surgical center company can offer the service and charge women more for it. In other words, despite a clear conflict of interest, Rick Perry signed the bill anyway. Perhaps a special prosecutor should be assigned to investigate that as well.

    Perry should worry more about going to prison than forcing a Democrat out of office.

    Nevertheless, Rick Perry is facing possible criminal charges for trying to force an elected official to resign by withholding critical funds that help attorneys seek justice for the people they serve. It’s a despicable tactic and a total abuse of power. Perry isn’t really interested in ousting Lehmberg for moral reasons. The real reason he wants her out is so he can replace a Democrat in a liberal-leaning county with a Republican and end a separate probe against him. Only the people of Travis County should decide if Lehmberg keeps her job. Not Rick Perry. The only thing he should be concerned about is whether or not his future cell mate will think he’s pretty or not when he puts on a prison jumpsuit. Do you think Perry will care about eliminating prison rape then?
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