Fox "Newscasters" are in a union (they hate unions--for us), and are guaranteed $6,527.00 for saying one word, one day. Their union minimum wage is 1,697 times what ours is. The company contributes 5 1/2% to the Pension Plan and 10.25% to the Health Plan, giving them really nice health insurance and retirement. If they work 5 days a week they get a minimum of $1.6 million a year, with $200,000.00 (the cap) paid into their health and retirement insurance.

It looks like Fox News is now pushing to eliminate minimum wage and labor laws

Robert Sobel
April 16, 2014

When it comes to top water cooler political discussions, wages and the economy seem to consistently be at the top of the list.

The issues of worker wages and the economy was front and center on a broadcast of the Fox News show "The Five" this week. Once again, center-left "liberal" Bob Beckel went at it alone against his four conservative co-hosts. The topic was essentially getting the best bang for your buck and co-host Eric Bolling suggested that the United States take a que from communist China in how it should handle its work force.

Eric Bolling
: Some of the economies that are starting to kick our butt, those people work hard. There aren’t labor laws, there aren’t minimum wages, they’re working harder than we are..."

Bob Beckel (in a sarcastic tone): That’s what we should have, no labor law and no minimum wage, they work for a dollar a week!

Eric Bolling: Certainly hold them to a maximum of hours per week, for sure.

The conversation didn't end there as Beckel posed an open-ended question to the panel, asking if Americans happened to work hard and get the job done in a short amount of time. Dana Perino was quick to respond.

“It would be nice if we had that luxury, but the baby boomers have made sure we are going to be tied to our jobs for the rest of our lives and not benefit from Social Security and Medicare like they did.”

This isn't the first time that a Fox host has attacked the use of Social Security or Medicare benefits. Earlier this year, Fox Business host Stuart Varney stated that he believes many of the people receiving Social Security benefits were "faking it" in order to garner a check. One Republican governor seems to think just like Bolling does, as Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) recently signed a law banning cities from passing higher wages, enacting paid sick days and including vacation time.

The United States economy is only about six years removed from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and it's rebounded at a rate that is too slow for almost everyone. Whether you blame President Obama's alleged "growing government," even though government jobs continue to decrease each month, or you blame Republican obstruction in Congress, one thing that is not debatable is that the removing a minimum wage and labor would only hurt American workers and the economy moving forward.

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