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Thread: What do All These Icons Mean?

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    What do All These Icons Mean?

    What do All These Icons Mean?

    There are many icons in use all around our forums. Each has an important meaning.

    In the Menu Bar:
    - The New Private Message Indicator will flash in the Menu bar (to the left of "Main Index") if you have new, unread private messages. Click it to view new messages... or you may access all your private messages from your "My Home" screen.

    On the Main Index Page:
    - A "lit" light bulb indicates that forum has new, Unread posts or replies.
    - An "unlit" bulb indicates that forum has No new posts or replies.

    Viewing a List of Posts:
    When viewing a list of posts... you'll note 2 color icons with each post.
    - A Yellow post icon indicates that the post is Not new, or that there are No new replies to that thread.
    - An Orange post icon indicates that the post is New, or has New replies to that thread.

    - A Lock indicates that the thread has been closed. You may view the thread, but you may no longer reply to it.

    or a - Along the top of the list of posts, you'll notice these images indicating how the posts are sorted. Usually by default, the posts will be sorted by date, you can change how the posts are sorted by clicking on the words "Subject", "Poster", "Views", "Replies", "Rating", or "Last Post". Clicking once will put them in descending order, clicking again will put them in ascending order.

    - A Push Pin in front of the subject indicates a "sticky post". A sticky post is one that the moderator has "stuck" to the top of the list. It's usually used for announcements and posts with great importance so that they remain easy to find.

    - A Disk in front of the subject indicates that the post has a file attachment.

    Next to some usernames, you may also notice a Moderator Flag or an Admin Flag . Admins maintain the whole board, the moderator flag will only appear next to the moderators name if they moderate that forum.

    Viewing a Thread:
    Under "Post Extras" at the bottom of each post, you'll notice 4 icons:
    - The Printer Icon will bring up a printer friendly version of the post you are looking at. Then you can choose "Print" from your browser's menu.
    - The Reminders Icon will set a Post Reminder for this post. A list of your post reminders can be viewed from your "My Home" page. Once you reply to this post, the reminder will go away. You may also manually remove them from your "My Home" page. This is an excellent feature for when you are quickly reading posts, and know that you want to reply, yet don't have time at that moment.
    - The Notify a Moderator button will alert the moderator(s) of a forum via email of this post. Click this if you think there is somehting wrong with the post, or if you feel it violates any of the board's rules.
    - The Mail Thread button will allow you to send the entire thread to yourself, or someone else via email. When mailing a thread, you also can add your own comments to the message.

    Making a New Post or Reply:
    When making a new post or reply, you have the ability to choose a Post Icon and use Instant Graemlins.
    Post Icons will appear next to the subject of the post.
    Graemlins are emotion icons that will appear within your message.

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    It is really good, I have been neglecting these icons until now, but I think they are very meaning. I should not have done this, but now I am happy that I came to know the value of these icons and for that I am very thankful to you.

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    This is awesome. Thanks for giving me such a important information. Hope it will help me in future.

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    I have got great information's to this posting

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