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Thread: Fix Most Problems / Delete Cookies

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    Fix Most Problems / Delete Cookies

    If you're having trouble loggin in, or making a post (or any other sort of odd behavior in general)'s probably a "cookie related issue".

    The first thing to check is that you computer's date and time is relatively accurate. If the date or time is way off, the cookies may be expiring...thus causing you problems.

    If that does not, then check the following information, and follow the instructions to Manually delete your cookies.

    First things first, make sure that your browser's security settings allow cookies to be accepted from our site. The site doesn't work if your browser does not accept cookies. You also must make sure that your browser isn't using cached pages (stored on your hard drive). See the Browser Problems FAQ for more info on Cashed Pages and Proxy Servers. Also verify that your Internet Security settings are allowing information from this site.

    If your browser is set to accept cookies, then perhaps corrupt cookies need to be deleted.
    The system uses "cookies" on your system to keep track of what messages are new to you, what message you're looking at, what's the next message, etc.... Sometimes, these cookies get "glitched". So while our system is working fine, things are being interpreted incorrectly on your end. So if things seem off, a good fix to most problems is to:
    - Click the "Logout" button at the top. (If you were logged in)
    - Delete the cookies from "". (See various Instructions below)
    - Close your browser's window
    - Re-launch your browser
    - Visit our home page (this first time back without cookies, re-enter through our home page and not a bookmark you've got saved.)
    - Log back in.
    That will solve most problems with the system.

    <font color="red">****SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR DELETING COOKIES**** </font color>

    Internet Explorer 6 - Windows 98:
    - In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
    - On the General tab, click Settings, and then click View files.
    - Click "Name" at the top of the column to put the files in alphabetical order.
    - Select the cookie from "", it should be titled something like:
    - Select the cookie you want to delete, and then, on the File menu, click Delete.

    Windows XP ***ALL BROWSERS***
    - Look under C:\Documents and Settings\your user name*\cookies
    *the username you're logged onto your computer as, NOT your username for this forum.

    - Select the cookie from "", it should be titled something like: and delete it.

    Netscape 4.7 - Windows
    Go into the programfiles/netscape/users/YourComputerLoginName/ and edit my cookie.txt file.

    Widnows 98
    - On the desktop, click on "Windows Explorer"
    - On the left side fo the screen, scroll down to your C drive
    - Click on the + sign (if there is a - sign there, the contents of your C drive are already displayed)
    - Scroll down to "Windows"
    - Click on the + sign
    - Scroll down to "Temporary Internet Files"
    - At this point, you can either delete all your temporary files, or scroll down on the right hand side of the screen til you find the ThisSite cookies and delete just those.

    Internet Explorer 5 - Macintosh:
    - Select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu.
    - Select "cookies" under "Receiving Files" from the list at the left.
    - In the list on the right, select the cookies files from ""
    (There could be as many as 4; w3t_key, w3t_language, w3t_myid, and w3t_mysess)
    - Click "Delete"
    - Click "OK"

    Netscape 4.6 - Macintosh:
    - Go to the "finder" (Macintosh Operating System).
    - On your hard drive, open Your "System Folder"
    - Open the "Preferences" folder.
    - Open the "Netscape Users" folder
    - Open the folder for your name (ex. "Joe Smith")
    - Drag the file titled "MagicCookie" to the trash can.

    Netscape 6 - Macintosh:
    - Select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu.
    - Click the little triangle next to "Privacy &amp; Security", then click on "Cookies"
    - Click "View Stored Cookies"
    - If you click on "Site" at the top of the list it will sort them by site.
    - Scroll down to and select the cookies from ""
    (There could be as many as 4; w3t_key, w3t_language, w3t_myid, and w3t_mysess)
    - Click on "Remove Cookie"
    - Click "OK"

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    Thank you very much for the valuable information. I face sometimes this problem but this will me to resolve my problem from next time.

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