Your Guide to "My Home"

When you are logged in at our site, your "My Home" page is where you can customize the look of the site, change your password, manage your favorites and much more!

To access, simply click on "My Home" at the top of the screen.

Message Box:
Here you can Send and View your Private Messages.
- Click "Send a PM" to send a PM.
- Click "Received Private Messages" to view PMs that have been sent to you.
- Click "Sent Private Messages" to view PMs that you have saved a copy of.
(To save a copy of PMs, be sure to check the "I want to keep a copy of my message" button when you send a PM.)

Friends Online:
This box will show the members you have added to your address book if they are online (and visable).
- Click "From Address Book" to review your Address Book, Remove People from your Address Book, or Send Private Messages to people in your Address Book.
- To add people to your Address Book:
- Click on a username (anywhere) to view their profile. Then click "Add to Address Book", OR
- When sending a PM to a user, check the "Add to Address Book" box.

Post Reminders:
This is probably one of the most under-utilized, yet most powerful features here at our site. Do you pop in here to check messages through the day? Does someone interrupt you when you are trying to compose a reply? Well the solution is easy. At the bottom of each post, you'll see a tiny "Remind Me!" icon, like this: . If you click this icon, a reminder will be stored for you to make a reply to this post later.
To return to the post, click the link right here in the Post Reminders section. Once you have posted a reply, the reminder will automatically disappear. If you change your mind, you can check the reminder and click "Delete" to remove them.

Favorite Threads:
You can choose to mark threads as favorites. That way you can easily re-visit the thread from the link here in "My Home". When reading a thread, simply scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen, and click on "Favorite!". It will be added. If you wish to remove favorites, simply check them and click "Delete".

Favorite Forums:
We have many forums to choose from here at our site. You may wish to add your favorites to "My Home" for easy access. When viewing a list of posts in the forum you wish to add, simply scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Favorite Forum!".
Your favorite forums will now appear here in "My Home" for quick, one-click access and show you the number of new posts and replies. There will be a link to the right if you wish to remove a forum from your favorites.

Main Configuration:
Here is where you can customize the look of the site, change your password, update your profile and much more.
- Edit Personal Information, email, password, etc:
(This is where you can edit your password, email address, as well as all the information available in your profile.)
- Edit Display Preferences, number of shown threads, languages, colors, etc:
(There are many options available here to customize how your posts are displayed, the colors and font sizes you view as well as language preferences.)
- Subscribe / Unsubscribe from receiving posts by email, message notificatons, etc:
(This is where you can select preferences for all email notifications, subscriptions to forums via email, if available, and more.)

Hopefully you will take a few moments to explore "My Home" and take advantage of the many features that it has to offer. [img]/ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]