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Thread: Unable to register

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    Unable to register

    I tried to register so I could check out all of the new features and after I entered my date of birth I received error messages. This could be a good thing. Maybe CCB has verifiable information that I'm actually younger than I thought. Please ADMIN, confirm that I'm 10 years younger and if it's not too much trouble...20 pounds lighter. Let's see how good this ADMIN dude really is! LOL, Rip

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    Re: Unable to register

    please try again and let me know if you have any problems?

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    Make sure you click the "I Agree" box N/M


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    Problem corrected by ADMIN

    Thanks for the advice. ADMIN reset my settings and I was allowed to register. I'm now dog has nothing on me now! Rip

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    just registering

    just making sure everything is working

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