Who the hell do these faketriot domestic terrorists think they are?

Cliven Bundy’s Militias Now Terrorizing Small Town With Armed Checkpoints (Images)

John Prager
Americans Against The Tea Pary
April 29, 2014


The militias who have been loafing around noted racist and admitted domestic terrorist Cliven Bundy’s ranch defending their bigoted welfare cowboy from attempts to force him to comply with multiple (thus far ignored) court orders that he remove his cattle from taxpayer land have gone from “armed presence” to “full-blown occupation.”

Democratic Rep. Steven Horsford sent a letter to Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie expressing concern for the safety of residents in the Bunkerville area. In the letter, he explained that his constituents have become uneasy with the presence of armed militiamen from across the country.

Horsford Letter

In fact, they no longer just camp out around the Bundy Ranch. According to Horsford, his constituents have said the militiamen (we would include women, but they are only human shields to these people) have set up checkpoints and require residents to prove that they live in the area before they are allowed to pass–you know, “Show me your papers,” and all that.

The armed domestic terrorists have also set up a “persistent presence” along federal highways and county roads. Some say they have even set up an armed presence in the community.
This is just one more example of the growing concerns surrounding Bundy’s army of militiamen. Federal officials are currently investigating threats made by the group toward Harry Reid after he called them “domestic terrorists” and Bundy a “hateful racist.

As the situation escalates, we wonder when action against the terrorists will finally be taken. If an armed standoff with government officials and threats against political figures are not enough, perhaps an armed occupation will be.