#OAS White House Protest Intensifies As Random Skateboarder, Dog Join March (Video)


Those intrepid “patriots” from Operation American Spring are back, and now they mean business. Evidently, the handful of vehement protestors who have remained in Washington D.C., parading in front of the White House, bellowing the word“Benghazi” just aren’t having the desired effect. President Obama and his administration have not succumbed to the massive pressure exerted by the tens (the new Tea Party definition of the word “masses”) of lunatics vehemently calling for their immediate surrender and resignation. No one has trembled in their beds at night; not a single soul has suffered deprivation due to this extended siege. The organizer of Operation American Spring, facing this stubborn denial of the devastating impact his vapid followers are undoubtedly having upon Obama’s psyche, has decided to up the ante.

In an open letter, Harry Riley, Col. USA, Ret., the driving force behind Operation American Spring, has issued an invitation to all organizations. Citing the “powerful vessel” (see video below) that Operation American Spring has established in Washington, D.C., he invites all and sundry to take up their causes, brandish their ideologies, and mount up. He promises that the participants of OAS will march behind them, supporting whatever agendas these groups may passionately embrace. He is issuing a clarion call to all to end the “destructive socialist communist leaning movement” out of the White House. In his glaring ignorance, he has overlooked the fact that socialism and communism are two separate economic systems. He warns of the “subjugation” which a continued Obama administration is planning. His words have the echo of Jack boots between each ridiculous line.

In the meantime, Operation American Spring continues drilling and marching–thirteen strong (fourteen if you count the dog in a t-shirt)–as they eagerly await for Riley’s latest call to action to be answered en masse. Don’t hold your breath.

Watch a video of this past weekend’s Operation American Spring march: http://youtu.be/3MSgtvLhk5I