For The Record: Bowe Bergdahl’s Father Is A Republican

June 8, 2014
By Anomaly

He’s being called a Muslim, a traitor and a Taliban sympathizer, and getting threats because of conservative anger about the deal made for the release of his son. As it turns out, Bob Bergdahl is a Republican. The Daily Beast reported:

In June 2010, Robert Bergdahl, the father of released American POW Bowe Bergdahl, gave a speech at an Idaho Republican Party fundraiser. In one of his first public appearances during his son’s five-year captivity, he asked the conservative audience to show compassion for his son’s captors—and, in a twist that foretold the plot of Homeland—he alleged that the United States had killed one of those captor’s children with a drone strike…
“I grew up in a conservative family in Los Angeles,” he said with a smile. “My father was for Goldwater. He wore a Nixon button in our liberal Jewish neighborhood. I was the lone U.C. Santa Barbara surfer who voted for Ronald Reagan.” Many in the audience nodded in approval, and then Bergdahl talked about the work of retrieving his son.