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Thread: John McCain Contradicts Himself On Iraq Victory

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    John McCain Contradicts Himself On Iraq Victory

    John McCain Contradicts Himself On Iraq Victory

    The Huffington Post
    Andrew Hart

    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has spent much of the past week attacking President Obama's response to the militant insurgency sweeping through Iraq, pointing to the lack of a U.S. presence in the region as a factor in creating an environment more vulnerable to insurgent advances. On Thursday, McCain called for the resignation of Obama's national security team and rebuked Obama for calling the withdrawal of troops from Iraq a "victory."

    McCain's current attacks on Obama's Iraq response don't completely line up with the Republican senator's past positions. Either McCain has selective memory, or his objection to labeling the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq a "victory" appears to be dependent on who is declaring the victory.

    A tweet from McCain's account in 2010 stated, "Last American combat troops leave Iraq. I think President George W. Bush deserves some credit for victory."

    HuffPost's Ryan Grim preserved McCain's "victory" tweet, in case it were to disappear from McCain's account.

    While it could be the case that McCain forgot about his 2010 "victory" proclamation, it is worth noting he managed to recall a statement from 2011 where he warned Obama of the risks of removing U.S. forces from Iraq.

    As the situation in Iraq has worsened, McCain has been joined by other Republicans in chastising Obama's hesitancy to involve the U.S. in the conflict, as Politico reports. In addition to hitting Obama over the removal of troops from Iraq, GOP hawks have been pressing for increased assistance to the Iraqi government with their defense. Obama has said that the U.S. will need to provide some means of support as Iraq defends against the Islamic militants, but has ruled out sending troops.

    As Paul Waldman of The Washington Post notes, there is reason to take McCain and other Republicans' criticism of Obama with a grain of salt: they were often wrong about Iraq when the case was being made for the invasion of 2003. MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes" put together a video compilation of John McCain being wrong on Iraq.
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    McInsane and the Repiglicans will never admit to the colossal mess they made of Iraq. Bush deserves all of the condemnation for anything, and everything that comes of his lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, the worst foreign policy decision, in history, built on gross lies annd cherry picked intelligence,trying to cover up their incompetence which led to 9/11, and trying to coveer up the failed policy, with the policy to force Democracy upon another country with bombs, and guns, using our honorable troops, for the benefit of his Oil Cartel, the real reason for the invasion!

    The lies he told to the American People, deceitfully exploiting our universal grief over 9/11, and then changing the stated mission over and over, breaking our laws and treaties, over and over, franchising al Qaeda, and destroying our reputation all around the world, created irreversible damage to America, and will never be seen as anything but disastrous by honorable historians.

    So what do they do when it becomes more obvious as time goes by that their policies were built upon lies, economically insane, failed, never accomplished any of their states goals, and led to more power for our enemies? They deny reality, as usual, and worst of all, all of the stealth RW Networks, like NBC, prove their true loyalty to the elite top one percent, including the corrupt energy cartel in this country, annd have the sheer gall of trotting out the worst of the worst, those very greedy pigs who took part in telling the lies to justify their disastrous policies, destroying a country which was no immediate threat to the USA, had no WMD, had no al Qaeda, no links to al Qaeda, no links to 9/11, annd here comes the idiots who were wrong about EVERYTHING, Wolfowitz, Bremer, Romney, George Will, McInsane, none of them in possession of any form of honor, nor dignity. You don't ask the guys who created the colossal mess, how to deal with trying to overturn the disastrous results, when you already know they lied their butts off, and that everything they did was a total disaster!

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