Conservatives Totally Lose Their Sh*t After Falling For Satirical/Fake News Site’s Post On Obama


Victoria Jackson totally not drunk.

Tea Party hero Victoria Jackson linked to a satirical/fake news site then presented it as a fact. Jackson wrote about our evil Muslim President celebrating the Fourth of July at “a mosque” and she further added that he will “host Muslim leaders at the White House” on Independence Day.

Jackson declared, “Obama continues to slap America in the face and spit on her. I am outraged. If you’re not, you are uninformed.”

The National Report’s satirical post is inundated with outraged Conservatives in the comments who demand the Usurper be tossed out of America, dammit.

Ruh roh, here comes the Punisher and he’s going all Republican caps on us:

This is how Obama conspiracy theories start. Watch how rapidly this circulates.

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