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Thread: Hey Haters! Border Crisis Is Direct Result Of Bush Administration Laws

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    Quote Originally Posted by hondo View Post
    I do not understand, Vlad. Where have i spoken poorly of my friends? I simply said your phraseology, arguements, cliches, comebacks, witty repartees, etc, are identical to a friend on AZ. Why do you feel this is speaking poorly of him? Why are you putting yourself down in such a manner? Were you beaten in your native country to where you have lost all your self esteem?
    It was worse than beatings. He used to work for the Moscow Department of Public Works! The experience scarred him emotionally for life.

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    To get back to this disaster at the border, I must say that I do not think we should send those children back into danger in Central America, particularly since much of that regions problems, were flamed into greater inhumane tragedy, due to Reagans illegal activities, during the Iran/Contra SCANDAL.

    Republican SCANDALS, are real, not a figment of the opposing party's imagination! Reagan not only supported the Contras, with the secret assistance of ISREAL, Reagan illegally, secretly, against the law, behind the backs of Congress, sold arms to Iran, and took the overcharges to Iran and used them to send money to Drug Dealing THUGS in Central America, the Contras!

    Imagine, Ronald Reagan, negotiated with TERRORISTS, ARMS FOR HOSTAGES, then he flat out LIED about it, AND he got worked over, still sending big arms to Iran in trade for some hostages that were already dead, he didn't even get all of the hostages out!

    Ronald Reagan was THE most inept President in history, until W. came along!

    Only Jimmy Carter handled the situation in Central America honorably. He simply cut off funding to any Central American Countries where there were inhumane activities by the Leaders of the country. AND, he didn't beak any laws, or tell any lies.

    What a tragedy it was for this country that Carter lost to Reagan, who turned the tide in Government by expanding Secret Operations, expanding covert operations, Executive overreaching, keeping Congress in the dark, blantantly breaking the law, in extremely hazardous ways, using propaganda to build support for his law breaking and lies, turning the country away from building our power with clean, renewable fuels, instead of fighting unwinnable wars, like the war on drugs, and the war on communism, neither succeeded, and both made everything far worse for us, and for the rest of the world.

    Those children should be protected from death by thugs, sexual exploitation, and more tragedy.

    Republicans have blocked everything, including the funding needed to secure our borders, ever since Reagan's INSANE Amnesty.

    Repiglicans want the cheap labor, but they don't want to pay for the problems they have created with their GREED and explotation of those less fortunate!
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