How long will Republicans keep banging their heads against their own creation of a BRICK WALL!

When the next election comes around, the only thing we Democrats will have to do to secure a win, is list the billions of our tax dollars wasted by The Republican Sore Losers Majority who believe that any administration which is not Republican is not authentic. Their Witch Hunts all led straight back to Republican appointees, (IRS) FAILED REPUBLICAN POLICIES, (Iran/Contra - Iraq - Franchising of al Qaeda (BUSH) - Corporate corruption protected by Republicans - Republican Governors Failed Economic Policies, Job Loses, GROSS corruption in Red States, Republican Racism, Misogyny Homophobia - Religious persecution and Dictatorship - Republican fear mongering, (Death Panels, LMAO!) Republican lies (Birthers) and slander, (Benghazi - no stand down order, EVER by Anyone) Republican witch hunts created by cherry picking testimoney, blocking testimony which cleared all of the accused, IRS, Benghazi, etc., etc., accused, blocking testimoney that cleard the accused of any wrong doing, and overall Republican greed & corruption!

By the time everything comes out on Christie, Rick Scott, The Florida Police Force of KKK members, Scott Walker's illegal political activities, Jindel's pathetic attacks on his constituents constitutional rights, and several other corrupt Republican Governors as well, so many I'm losing count, degraded credit ratings in their states, total failure to create jobs, the next elections will be a slam dunk!

Keep up the great all waste, no work, Repigs, keep on showing America how plumb CRAZY & LAZY you ALL, are!