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Thread: Watch Deluded Immigration Protesters Display Stunning Ignorance! (Video)

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    Watch Deluded Immigration Protesters Display Stunning Ignorance! (Video)

    Yes, they really are that stupid.

    Watch Deluded Immigration Protesters Display Stunning Ignorance! (Video)

    Dan Simpson
    Firebrand Progressives

    You’ve seen the ignorant, misspelled signs. You’ve observed them standing there, usually dressed in their best patriotic outfits. But have you ever heard these people SPEAK? Good Lord…

    The below video was produced by Youtube member FP TVNEWS at an anti-immigration rally held recently in Houston, and the stunning, bang-your-head-against-the-wall ignorance on display will have you… banging your head against the wall.

    All of these people are probably beyond help. They’ve been brainwashed by Fox News to the point of no return, and there is no 12-step program out there to help them. Do they have a 12-step program for being stupid? We need one… and these people should be the first in line to sign up for such a thing.

    You’ll laugh at the Islamophobic lady who fears “jihad”, and claims that a “Muslim prayer rug” was found along the border. Um, no… it was an Adidas soccer shirt. You’ll chuckle at the guy who claims that President Obama is gay, and has killed “four of his boyfriends”. And that’s just the BEGINNING of his bizarre tirade. Or maybe you’ll do a double-face palm at the lady who says Obama is “promoting a race war.”

    But one thing these people all have in common is that they all dislike President Obama, for some pretty damn wacky reasons.

    Watch it below and hear it for yourself.

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    Hate and ignorance personified! Stunning!

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