One example of the fine upstanding christian extremists you can find on a daily basis at the "The Tea Party" facebook page.
This guy is rather mild.

You'll love the "Final Solution" that they all agree on: extermination of all Liberals AND OUR FAMILIES. They also are fond of posting pictures and videos showing that they are not only capable of doing so, but also are training to do so, and training their children to do so. ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

That page averages between tens and thousands of CREDIBLE assassination threats a day, ALSO IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

Do NOT report their promises and threats to ANY State of Texas agency, you will be retaliated against.

Take your reports directly to the Feds, you can obtain phone numbers from the FBI and Secret Service webpages. If you come across one of the MANY active duty, reserve, or national guard members making such threats, you can call Army/USAF CID at 571-305-4213, and Navy NCIS at 202-433-9490.