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Thread: GOP Lawmaker Wants Propaganda Shown to High School Kids.

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    Thumbs up GOP Lawmaker Wants Propaganda Shown to High School Kids.

    To those who claim lawmakers aren’t doing anything, that just isn’t true. At least one conservative state lawmaker (Alan Hays R-FL) is spending his time in office trying to get Dinesh D'Souza's conservative propaganda movie shown to high school kids.

    BTW, D'Souza pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud this past May.

    Lawmaker Introduces Bill Forcing Schools To Show Conservative Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s Anti-Liberal Movie

    Jameson Parker
    July 25, 2014

    To those who claim lawmakers aren’t doing anything, that just isn’t true. At least one conservative lawmaker is spending his time in office trying to get conservative propaganda movies shown to high school kids.

    Republican Alan Hays, a Florida state senator, was so taken with Dinesh D’Souza’s docudrama America: Imagine The World Without Her that he immediately went home and began drafting legislation that would require every public middle and high school in Florida to have mandatory showings of it unless students had a written note from their parents objecting.

    The one glaring problem with this plan is that America is a shameless anti-liberal hit piece. It’s sole objective appears to be to denounce progressivism and criticize its supporters. Loosely stringing together a narrative of the (conservative-approved) history of the United States, the story dots the story with interviews with liberal scholars and thinkers, mockingly portraying their opinions as anti-American, dangerous, and stupid. As a conservative movie meant for conservative audiences eager to reaffirm their beliefs, it’s appealing. For students who assume they are going to learn about United States history without political spin – it’s absolutely reprehensible.

    D’Souza has spent the Obama presidency making films like this. In 2012, just before the election, he released 2016: Obama’s America, a film which casually floated conspiracy theories and conservative talking points with the intent to persuade voters that Obama was destroying America. The New Yorker’s incredible review of the film begins thusly:

    "The movie “2016: Obama’s America” is a work of propaganda that offers base innuendo in lieu of argument, but the parts of it that are authentically engaging and account for its slender cinematic appeal likely have as much to do with the film’s popularity as its anti-Obama message does. They’re also inseparable from the film’s most scurrilous insinuations. It’s the kind of personal production that calls into question the very virtue of sincerity: I’d think better of its master-thinker and preëminent presence, Dinesh D’Souza (who co-wrote and directed it with John Sullivan), if the movie gave cause to believe that he was merely mouthing a prepared campaign line rather than expressing his actual viewpoints. But his representation of ingenuous sincerity—the perversion and distortion of the notion of a personal movie—is the film’s starting point and the governing concept of its structure."

    Needless to say, the reviews only got worse from there (the film currently has a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes).

    His next big media blitz was the dual publishing of America in both book and movie form. The book was ravenously scooped up by conservatives eager for another anti-Obama fix, but went on to middling sales with the wider public who have grown tired of D’Souza’s wild-eyed conspiracies. Unfortunately, D’Souza didn’t handle mediocrity with grace and has since been on a non-stop campaign to blame everyone he can think of – from Costco to independent book reviewers – for the book’s poor reception.

    The movie hasn’t fared much better (reviewer Elizabeth Bruenig claims she was the only person in the theater on a Friday night), so expect to see more accusations of liberal media bias at any moment.

    In the meantime, Hays has nothing but praise for a movie that was designed specifically for conservatives like Hays.

    “I saw the movie and walked out of the theater and said, ‘Wow, our students need to see this.’ And it’s my plan to show it to my colleagues in the legislature, too, before they’re asked to vote on the bill,” Hays said.

    “I’ve looked at history books and talked to history teachers and the message the students are getting is very different from what is in the movie,” Hays said. “It’s dishonest and insulting. The students need to see the truth without political favoritism.” [source]

    In Hays’ mind, “without political favoritism” means “unapologetically pro-conservative, anti-liberal propaganda.”

    Another problematic hitch to Hays’ plan? D’Souza is a convicted felon that is likely going to prison later this year. In early 2014, he was indicted on federal charges related to violating campaign finance laws in support of conservative candidates he favored in national elections. He later plead guilty and now awaits his final sentencing. He is not exactly the model of above-the-table trustworthiness. Whether it is for elections or filmmaking, D’Souza doesn’t mind playing a bit dirty to further his political agenda. Now, Florida wants to pay for a bunch of copies of his film so they can stick it to liberals. Good grief.

    As The Hollywood Reporter points out, the craziest part about the proposed legislation is that it could actually pass. Florida has the perfect storm of Republican lawmakers and Republican governor so that if the bill makes it through the state legislature, it will likely be signed into law. If that happens, it will be up to parents to object against what amounts to indoctrination of their children.

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