Republicans keep saying Obama is behind all this talk about impeachment. Why do they keep forgetting that video NEVER disappears from the internet?

Amazing Supercut Of Republicans Talking About Impeaching Obama (VIDEO)

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July 31, 2014

Thank you thank you THANK YOU Tommy Christopher at The Daily Banter!

Ever since the right started whining about how mean Obama and the Democrats are for fundraising a bundle off of the GOP’s constant drumbeat of impeachment and how the only people talking about the “I word” is the left, I’ve been saying to myself, “Self, there’s video of these idiots talking about impeachment. They’ve been doing it for years. Who do they think they’re kidding?”

Well, Christopher went ahead and put together a nice little video showing just how full of crap Republicans are:

One of those clips is from 2009. But let’s keep pretending that all this impeachment talk is from the Democrats because we should believe what Republicans say now and not what they’ve been saying for the last several years.

Sounds legit.