God Wants "Nine-Foot-Tall", Egyptian/Roman Obama Impeached. Oh Yeah, They're Crazy Alright!

Daily Kos
Thursday, August 7, 2014

And they're a lot crazier than you can begin to imagine. The Republican leadership has the impeachment monkey on their back and are trying to get the Tea Party loons to STFU until after the elections, then they can go hog wild until the 2016 election.

No Speaker Boehner, you might want to close the doors to the big top but you can't stop the clown car from spewing Republican words of wisdom from sea to shining sea.

As wingnut Alan Keyes tries to put his impeachment genie back in the bottle, he hands the impeachment microphone at his website RenewAmerica to one Dan Popp who announces that God wants Obama Impeached.

"Barack Obama deserves to be impeached. He deserves to be tried. And in my opinion he deserves to be removed from office. (So do many of the folks who would be impeaching and trying him, by the way.)...

What if Moses had thought better of defying his Obama, knowing that the consequence might be a more severe slavery for his brethren, rather than freedom? What if David had come to a reasonable conclusion about his prospects of victory over the nine-foot-tall Obama before him?"

Is that crazy enough for you?

Now we've had plenty of food fights here about how strong or weak President Obama is, but thankfully, Mr. Popp has resolved the issue by proclaiming:

"If there is no ultimate moral Authority, then there is no morality. That means that there are no rights to be respected or abused, only power to be wielded. If Barack Obama has the power and the will to grind you into dust, you will lie there and die like a sheep."

You may be shrugging your shoulders and dismissing this as just some nut on some nutty website sounding off into the empty darkness. I don't think so. I personally know a Tea Bagger who would believe every word of this, and my guess is the vast majority of Tea Baggers would buy into it. We shouldn't underestimate the degree of craziness we are up against, and the danger to our society it represents.Well, if that's too nutty for you, how about we take a look at what one of the leading potential Republican presidential candidates said just this last Monday, Obama 'Acting Like God,' 'Worthy Of Impeachment'

Mike Huckabee appeared on Monday’s edition of Iowa-based Steve Deace’s radio talk show, where he said President Obama “absolutely” deserves to be impeached but cautioned that Republicans should not pursue impeachment at this time since the GOP doesn’t have the votes to convict him in the Senate....

“There’s no doubt that he has done plenty of things worthy of impeachment,” Huckabee said.
"There’s a big difference between what we owe God and what we owe Caesar, and right now we’ve got Caesar acting like God.”

Now I hate to agree with Mike Huckabee, but I think he nails it when he says the only reason they won't impeach President Obama is because they don't have the votes in the senate. That pretty much sums up this radicalized Republican party. The principles of democracy and civil discourse don't exist in their philosophy. They'll vote to suppress the votes of their opposition and they'll appoint judges to help them. They'll give rights to corporations and take them away from individuals. They'll rig the election system to prevent any real challenge to their power. And they'll build a vast propaganda network of TV, radio, newspaper, internet, and fake think tank outlets to make the uninformed the misinformed. So why wouldn't you believe they'll impeach any Democratic president to overturn the will of the people in order to support the will of the Oligarchs? We have to stop them in the voting booth this Nov.!

Yes, the Republican leadership is going to have a hard time controlling the impeachment monkey that's now driving the clown car. I'm already stocking up on my popcorn to watch the show when President Obama starts feeding that impeachment monkey a healthy diet of immigration and tax inversion executive orders.

UPDATE: I may have wrongly assumed that everyone would understand what those quotes from Mr. Popp mean. I'm no theologian, but I'm pretty sure the quote about Moses refers to Moses leading his people out of Egypt, and the quote about the 9 foot Obama refers to the David and giant Goliath fight.