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Thread: please remove the "sticky" thread on the main page

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    please remove the "sticky" thread on the main page

    i realize why the admin made it sticky at first, but please "unstickyfy" it already!! if the admin feels its necessary to have a "users need to register to post" sticky for a while, please make a new one in which people can read only and not reply. that way only one line is taken up and people don't have to scroll to see the new topics (at least in the mode i use). it may end up taking up the whole first page in an very slow and painful manner. please, let it die!!


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    Re: please remove the "sticky" thread on the main page

    If it's feasible to make the post read-only then I think it makes sense to do so. Anyone who wants to comment on the registration requirement can do this in the suggestions forum. I think that a notice that posters must register should be displayed on the first page one sees when visiting the CCB.


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