Ok, we use all 15 balls, 6 of the balls get placed right in front of each pocket so it only takes a tap to drop them, the other 9 get racked in the middle of the table 9 ball style. The rules go like this.

1. The ones in front of the pockets must be ran first, once those are run we run the rack of 9 in no particular order.

2. If you miss one shot or scratch the game is over and its the next persons turn.

3. If you hit the rack before running the first 6 balls in front of the pockets, the game is over and its the next persons turn.

4. Once the last of the first six balls are ran, you must break from wherever the cue balls lies.

5. First shot of the game can be taken from anywhere on the whole table.

6. When shooting at the rack after making the first 6 balls in, one ball must drop otherwise the game is over and its nthe next persons turn.

7. First person to successfully make all 15 without missing is the winner.

My Fiancee says her brother made this game up, not sure if he seen it somewhere else or not, we call it Running Out.

Game seems to teach Cue Ball control, it also helps those who feel they have to hit every shot hard, cause if you start blasting the cueball around, you might hit the rack before you are supposed too