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Thread: Silverbullet/Bluewolf

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    Now that the Bluewolf was slain by the Silverbullet, one has to wonder if the conquerer has the posting ability of it's predecessor. Will the Silverbullet post at the same neurotic rate and break the 1000 post barrier in under 3 months? Will SB be able to turn every topic into an "about me/about my game post"? Will the Whitewolf share the same fate at the hands of the Silverbullet, never to see another full moon?

    Tune in again on Werewolfs of London-Broil

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    Re: Silverbullet/Bluewol?/NPR

    the jury is still out. the werewolf was only slain by silverbullet only with his uncle's help because silverbullet was in a wheelchair.

    but really i think this belongs on the non-pool related forum.

    "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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