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Thread: Every day's a holiday>>>

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    Every day's a holiday>>>

    When you work for a living (as opposed to playing pool for an income), you look forward to the few 3 day weekends, that come up. Wait no in the bay area, every weekend is a long one. They now consider friday's as a "weekend" day, on the local golf courses, with the appropriate price increase. Not too important if you don't play..but how about when that first room owner, gets the same idea??? or decides that prime time begins at noon, just when happy hour's a conspiracy...rally the townspeople

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    Re: Every day's a holiday>>>


    This is easy. You stop going there. I know a guy that is cutting his nose off to spite his face. He added some nice equipment and is letting it go down too. Anyway, he jacked up the prices and raised the day rate to the regulars from $5. to $7.50.

    Well, nobody is in there in the day now. They, sit alone and dead in there. I say, it's better to have 10 guys in there all day for $50. Then, nobody all day for $75. This doesn't make sence. Now, he's decided to open later because there's no business during the day. Daa!!


    C.C.~~If I had a pool hall, or a hotdog stand I'd be rich. You have to know how to treat people. Especially the regulars...IMHO Just wait till I move to Vegas and buy a Ph/Wedding Chapel. RIP and I will be rich beyond compair. Move over Mr.Wynn the Cassman is coming to town. [img]/ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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