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    Radar detectors

    My boss used to be a cop (but in Indiana, I believe)and he told me something that's very hard for me to believe. I figured I'd see if anyone here knew the answer for sure (and if not, I guess I might ask the local cops around here). Here's the deal- HE says that radar detectors are illegal here in Florida. I don't have one in my car right now (although I'm seriously thinking of getting one when I get my tax refund-if anyone out here knows what would be the best one to buy these days, PLEASE let me know-last time I had one was probably in the late 80's-so I'd have no clue as to what's the one to get, or if there's any point), but back when I used to have one, I had got pulled over before (not for anything actually, that time-cop asked for my license and went about his business-I thought it was very odd) and the cop didn't say anything about me having it. I told my boss I didn't see how that they are illegal here in Florida because I've lived here almost all my life and never heard anything about that. He said that you could have them here, but you just better not have them plugged in if a cop stopped you or you'd be in trouble. That makes no sense to me. If that were the case, what would be the point in having them? Plus, if they were illegal here, why don't we have a sign like they do at the Virginia state line? [img]/ccboard/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
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    Re: Radar detectors

    I think its legal in FLA but not in VA. and D.C. niether is a radar jammers.

    dude go here for some good Info... and here...

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    Re: Radar detectors

    Thanks for the URL addresses you gave me. They were pretty informative. You should go to the first one you gave me and click on one titled "successful speeding". I was laughing my butt off on a lot of that stuff because I actually recognized myself in a lot of that. I recently got my stinkin' license suspended for a year, due to too many points in a 3 year period, so I had to get a hardship license! It's going to be a LONG year! Since I'm a single mom w/ no real bus line in my area, they actually are letting me pretty much do whatever driving I was doing before (I just BETTER not get busted during this year). I'm going to celebrate when my time's up! I do have a pretty crappy record, I guess, but actually a lot of tickets (I'm talking over my lifetime record)have been for when crap would be wrong w/ my vehicle and I couldn't afford to get it fixed at the time.
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