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Thread: George "Rotation Slim" Hairston

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    George "Rotation Slim" Hairston

    I'm looking for any information on George "Rotation Slim" Hairston, a black player who was born around 1894-1898 & who died around 1970. Does anybody know more about him? Thanks.

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    Re: George "Rotation Slim" Hairston

    Rotation Slim came through Troy in the mid 50s but didn't get any action, he was know to the owner of Whiteys poolroom. White Plains NY had a 4 table poolroom run by Nate, someone in that city might be able to shed some light on Slim. If you can find the black player "Country" he would probably know the most about Slim. He gambled pretty good on pool and was from NYC. Fran might know if he is still around NYC.####

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    Re: George "Rotation Slim" Hairston

    i would love to know more about
    black players of the game
    you just dont hear to much about them
    which is a shame..

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