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Thread: Which pros foul on break most often?

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    Which pros foul on break most often?

    I once saw George Breedlove scratch or drive the CB off the table repeatedly in a televised 9-Ball match. His break was very violent: very quick, with a big leg kick. His wildness gave his opponent a big edge. Well, I've been wondering whether any of the pros--men or women--have a rep for fouling too often on the break. Also, which of the pros blow the break least often?


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    Re: Which pros foul on break most often?

    The bottom line is that it runs in streaks. There may be a statistic out there, but, if there is, I've never seen it. I know that when someone is misfiring on the break, they tend to keep misfiring until they stop and move to a different location on the table.

    Jay M

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