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Thread: Jr.'s vs. Pros

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    Jr.'s vs. Pros

    How do you think that today's top juniors (18 and younger, like Runningen, ) would compare with some of the pros? Would it be a complete massacre or do the juniors have any chance?

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    Re: Jr.'s vs. Pros

    Sixteen year old Jasmin Ouschan from Austria. 'Nuff said.
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    Re: Jr.'s vs. Pros

    That would be interesting to watch, if the top junior was to play someone like say Efren Reyes, Efren would definitely win, but in a year or two some of the top juniors might give him a good run for his money, I guess it depends how fast the juniors are learning and perfecting their skills.

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    Re: Jr.'s vs. Pros

    I have seen Jrs play every day gamplers during a stop here in Dallas, and eventually the local adult was asking for the eight. Yea, I think the Jrs with their fearless attitudes could cause some trouble with many of the professional players' games...sid~~~I'll buy a ticket
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