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Thread: Bert Kinister Videos

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    Bert Kinister Videos

    just finished watching Kinister's videos Advanced Fundamentals and the Mighty X

    Glad i didn't pay for them cos i would feel ripped off

    It's not that there isn't some good info, but you get one good bit of info and then you have to spend the rest of the tape watching Bert's dopey student trying to do his 10 shots!

    I also didn't really like the setting and feel of the video. Has a creepy redneck feel to it. I had Pulp fiction like flashbacks of Bert bending his students over the pool table.

    Bert is obviously in it for the money, making so many tapes with his knowledge (which i'm sure is excellent) spread out very thin

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    Re: Bert Kinister Videos - a positive opinion

    One of the nice things about this board it the opportunity to hear different opinions.

    In this case I must disagree with bigbro's opinion.

    In advanced fundamentals the concept of the skeleton and natural alignment is something that I had not seen anywhere else and I feel this concept is something everyone must at least consider in their game. Yes the one handed drills on this video are questionable, but the natural alignment concept IMO is very valuable knowldege.

    I happen to find the mighty x drills very helpful and when properly practiced great stroke builder drills.

    I have over 1/2 of Bert's videos and have learned something from each one. Certainly some are better than others, most I would recommend to others and occasionally there are some I might not.

    I believe the knowledge transfer Bert has shared on his videos has contributed as much to the game as any individual out their writing books or producing videos.

    Bert has always treated me well.

    Yes, there is the watch incident that gets posted here from time to time. I believe people change, and have had an opportunity to get to know Bert and have discussed the watch incident with him and I personally can not form anything but positive comments about him.

    Some of my friends in the local rooms do not hold Bert in very high regard. Like all of us on this board they have a right to their opionion. I have formed my own opinion based several personal meetings and many phone conversations with Bert. He has always treated me with courtesy and been of assistance.

    Sam Walton the founder of Wal Mart described excellence as "one idea a day". I use the same approach with instructional materials. Certainly, Bert's materials have always provided at least one idea or concept that I have found helpful.

    An opinion from the Heartland in Iowa.
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    Re: Bert Kinister Videos

    I have 4 of Bert's tapes. The 3 tape series of 9 ball and twisting a ball. I have learned something from every tape but must agree and disagree on some things. In the 9 ball tape series there is alot of repetition on tapes 2 and 3 but he is just trying to prove a point on shot selection. On the other hand the things I learned on tape 1 out weights the negatives by a long shot. His methods have helped me big time and his practice sessions are great for warming up and getting ready for tournaments.
    If there was one thing bad to say about him, it would that he has to many tapes, which one should I buy next.
    It sounds like some of the players who don't care for Bert are the ones who believe there's nothing else they can learn, they already know it all.

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    Re: Bert Kinister Videos

    Good morning:

    I own many of Bert's videos as well and, while I may not care for his "style", I have picked up many useful pieces of information and knowledge. Learning is as much an art as it is a science. As such, you must approach any subject matter with an open mind to see what YOU can learn and/or benefit from that which is being taught. For the better part of 15 years I have presented 8 hour educational seminars to participants who, except for the fact that they were there to earn CEU credits, had NO interest in what I was teaching. However, in order to prepare the class for the material I would always suggest that they should look for ONE bit of knoweldge and/or information with which they could benefit either personally or for their clients. All learning, whether you like the instructor and/or the quality of the presentation, is an active activity that requires you to find what will work for you.

    Dr. D.
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    Re: Bert Kinister Videos

    I also have many of Bert's tapes and find some more beneficial than others. However. I have always found something to help my game and THAT is why I buy tapes in the first place. No doubt Bert is a character and he must work in a large hall because I many times here an echo!!

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