Here's Grady's rules once again as explained by Grady.

Grady's 9 Ball Rules
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I have had seven tournaments using these rules. The games were not slowed down and more than 90% of the players loved the rules.
One year at the US Open 9-Ball a vote was taken among the 99 players in attendance. 98 of them voted for my rules and everything went very smoothly.
Mike Sigel, Wade Crane, Nick Varner, and I, at the behest of the then MPBA, were commissioned to come up with the best rules. We worked independently of each other, yet with only minor differences we came up with pretty much the same rules. They were never used.
I think it's disgraceful for a player to miss a ball badly and win a game or a match because of it. My rules will again be used at our Senior tournament in Naples, Florida in June.
If anybody wants to see how they work in real tournament play my back pocket 9 ball tournament and the senior event that I had in Portland, Maine featured these rules. Accu-Stats has tapes from these tournaments. Without further ado, here they are:

It's call shot but it is not necessary to call obvious shots.
Only one ball may be called on one shot.
If the called ball is pocketed legally, everything else that might go is good.
If a plyer misses a called shot, his opponent has the option of taking the shot or having his opponent shoot again.
Nothing spots up except the 9 ball.
If a player calls "safe" and inadvertently pockets a ball(s), his opponent has the option of taking the shot or having his opponent shoot again.
A player may not call safe and pocket a ball.
While this is not a foul, remember that the opponent will have "option".
Players rack their own balls.
They may also have a friend rack the balls for them.
An opponent may not rack the balls.
The nine ball must be pocketed last to win the game.
Where not mentioned herein the general rules of pocket billiards shall apply.