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Thread: Ivory ferrules and joints

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    Ivory ferrules and joints

    Just out pure curiosity, how do ivory ferrules play in comparison to synthetic ferrules? How do ivory joints play in comparison to steel or wood to wood joints. How heavy is an average ivory joint collar as opposed to steel?

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    Re: Ivory ferrules and joints

    I have 4 cues. Old Palmer w metal joint and phenolic ferrule. Helmstetter w/phenolic joint& ferrule.Skip Weston/ w/ivory joint& ferrule and last but not least a McDermott with wood to wood joint and phenolic ferrule.The Palmer hits real solid and the heavier metal joint changes the balance point a little.The Helmstetter hits solid and when the tip wears down, I seem to get a lot more feeling with the cue ball.The Weston cue doesn't seem to hit as good as the Helm!, but I don't notice any difference if the joint is
    metal or ivory as far as the hit goes.The wood to wood joint
    hits very solid and I like it as a break cue.Oh the Ivory ferrule cracked on my Weston cue and I never use it to break with!

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