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Thread: What do I stand on?

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    What do I stand on?

    Will be putting a pool table in my home. What do some of you recommend that I use on the floor. Right now there is carpet but if you ever have to change the carpet you would have to disassemble the table. I was thinking of cutting out a piece of the carpet and putting vinal tile under the table and playing area..Any info would be helpful.

    Jerry in Minnesota.

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    Re: What do I stand on?

    If there is room the table can be moved for new carpeting. If not it can be jacked up and slide new carpet under. The problem with vinyl to carpet is there is always that uneven step. May not seem like much but it could get annoying. You might replace the carpet maybe once?
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    Re: What do I stand on?

    I would go with carpet. Hard floors are hard on the feet after a while, if you plan on using this table alot. Carpet is much easier on the feet. Also, it's nice to have carpet should you accidentally fly a ball off the table. It won't scar the ball as a hard floor would.


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