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Thread: Viking Tour in Canton, Ohio this weekend

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    Viking Tour in Canton, Ohio this weekend

    This Weekend

    February 15th - 16th , $1,000 Added
    Canton (Akron), Ohio 9-Ball Tournament
    Race to 9 on Valley bar boxes

    Fiddlestix Billiard Cafe (Chris Szuters Room)
    This event will be a race to(***9***)
    on 7' Valley Tables

    February 15th & 16th at 1pm
    The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour will be at:
    Fiddlestix Billiard Cafe
    5350 Fulton Drive NW
    Canton, Ohio 44718
    The phone # to the pool room is 330-498-8422
    The Tournament Director for this event will be:
    Mike Janis

    The event will be a $1,000 added 9-ball tournament,
    race to (***9***), double elimination, played under World Standardized
    Rules. Entrance to the tournament
    is not restricted to anyone ("Anyone can play").

    The Tournament will be played on 7' Valley Tables

    The tournament will start Saturday, February 15th at 1pm
    The entry fee is $30 which includes $10 for table time/registration fee.
    There will also be a Player Auction at this event
    and the minimum bid will be $10. The player auction is optional by player.
    There is also a $15 tour card fee.

    Fiddlestix features full Kitchen / Full Bar / Pro Shop + plenty of tables
    for ACTION ! .

    If you have any questions or would like further information about this event
    call: Mike Janis at 1-800-200-POOL.

    ****$15 Viking Tour Card Qualifies all Members to be eligible to play in all
    Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Events for the 2003 Season which includes four
    $5,000.00 Added Regional Championships and the $25,000.00 Added National
    Grand Championships for the 2003 Season. The National Grand Championship
    have NO entry fee to Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Members.

    The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour is sponsored by the following:


    SUPPORT Our Awesome Sponsors !

    Viking Cues
    ( )
    Championship Cloth
    ( )
    Aramith Balls
    ( )
    Billiard Club Television
    ( )
    Tiger Products
    Accu-Stats Video Productions
    ( )
    Joe Porper's Creative Inventions
    ( )
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    Billiards Press
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    Run-Out Sportswear
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    The Perfector
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    Scotti Scuffer
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    The Monk Billiard Academy
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    Chalk Box
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    Pool & Billiard Magazine
    ( )
    Mueller Sporting Goods
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    Bunjee Jumper Jump Cue
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    Professor Q Ball Magazine
    ( )
    Inside Pool Magazine
    ( )
    The Billiard Guide Book
    PCC Products
    Willard's Cue Tip Shapers
    Silver Cup Chalk
    The Ultimate Cue Tip Tool

    Mike Janis
    The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
    Viking Tour Information - link below
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    Re: Viking Tour in Canton, Ohio this weekend

    Why isn't it the Don Willis Memorial Tournament, Cantons Legend. Pool has to learn from GolF.####

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