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Thread: Organize a local Pool Tournament

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    Organize a local Pool Tournament

    I have been playing pool for a few years and some friends of mine own our local bar and want to set up a pool tournament. It has been a while since I played in a tournament and have not had much hands on in sitting up a tournament, anyone have any suggestions???

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    Re: Organize a local Pool Tournament

    You should have posted this in the CCB forum, you would get more replies. Such things as entry fees, handicap, if any, pay outs etc should be considered. For a tournament chart go here. Chart Look on the left under downloads.

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    Re: Organize a local Pool Tournament

    Another local pool tourny is exactly what we need here, I think. If you just start with a small, say, $5 entry fee for an 8 or 9-ball tourny once a week, word will get around. Throw in a little extra incentive like prizes or better yet, extra money once a month. Then you could throw in a higher stake tourny for the serious players on another day. Pretty soon enough people will be gathering every tourny day and not only will you have a tournament to have fun with, but you have a lot of customers that maybe you wouldn't have had before. You could even offer discount prices on bar items on tournament days too.

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