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    Suggestion Box

    The new format is different. Only time and familiarity will show if it is a better format for you.

    Pool players are very reluctant to change...even if it is for the better.

    Be patient, and explore the new options available to you.

    The webmaster is looking for feedback, good and bad. Think about what things you liked about the old chalkboard and offer positive feedback.

    I'm not saying it's better, I'm not saying it's worse. Let's just check it out before we make any snap judgments.

    Mike Hurst

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    Re: Suggestion Box

    I feel the same way Mike. It seems there has already been a few snap judgments. It's like a street being torn up, and
    people complain about it during repair. However when its
    done they like it. Maybe a bad comparison.

    Anyway I mentioned to the webmaster the font size is way
    to small. Does anyone else have that problem?
    Speak up if you do, that's how things get changed.
    And try to be positive untill the completion as Mike said.


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    Four things that NEED to be changed...

    Hi everyone. In my opinion, here are some things that really need to be changed post-haste:

    1) Enable the cookies so when I return to the board, the messages I have viewed appear in purple, rather than the default blue. It is a severe pain to have to re-read all the subject headers to find the threads I'm interested in. It was easier when I could just scan for the purple.

    2) Allow for people to insert parts of a previous post within their reply. While I thought it was abused with the prior method, not having the option at all is worse. It is difficult to know exactly what someone is replying to.

    3) Font size is a little too small.

    4) Scott's "TTT" format is a great idea.

    - Steve Lipsky

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