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Log On, Run Out

With a wealth of instructional information for pool players of all levels, the Internet is a fantastic way to learn about the game from some of the game's top instructors.


THANKS LARGELY to the technological revolution of the last generation, knowledge is no longer locked away in the minds of poolhall vets. No, instructional material is now just a mouse click away. With hundreds of books, videos, blogs and vlogs - some very good, some not so much - there's no shortage of resources.

For our spring instructional special, we've chosen three of the leading lights in online instruction. Bringing together a tireless ambassador of the game, a top professional player and an electrical engineer isn't the start of a bad joke; it's our way of introducing you to potential in-home instructors - and their extensive video catalogs. Take a look!

Dave Alciatore: Make Peace, Not War
Tom Rossman: End It Early
Max Eberle: Problems? What Problems?