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Deconstructing the Jump Shot

Love it or hate it, the jump shot is a critical part of the contemporary game. For our instructional special on getting your cue ball into the air, BD House Pro Tony Robles steps in front of the camera to show you how it's done.

Edited by Nicholas Leider; Photos by Jonathan Smith

The first time you try to get into a proper stance for a jump shot, it might not feel like second nature. Finding a comfortable stance, however, is easier than you might think. You want to maintain the basic foundation of a normal stroke, with your head directly over the cue, your back arm forming a right angle, and a sturdy bridge allowing you to accurately deliver the cue to the contact point on the cue ball.

In the top photo, you can see how some beginners might try to jump a ball. The bridge arm is straight, which keeps you at a distance from the cue ball, and the back arm has totally fallen apart.

Ditch this awkward pose for a stance more like the one Tony's got in the bottom photo. He's comfortable, with his weight shifted onto his front foot, allowing his upper body to remain squared up with his cue. Also, his back arm is in a more natural position, which is critical in delivering a powerful stroke.

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